Dining Room Refresh

Normally I like a big "pow" makeover.  I'm afraid this is more like a soft "piff" but I'm still pleased with how a few small, inexpensive changes made the room feel new again.

Pardon me for not setting the table for the shot.  I know that is what other bloggers do and I totally get it - it just feels a little empty without all the dishes laid out just so.  But I don't seem to have the free time I once had.  I wonder why? :)

Did you spot the new additions?  The sugar mold, chalkboard and curtains are all new.  I do want to eventually switch out the end chairs but I haven't found anything I just love yet (that will also stand the test of time with 2 little ones). I feel a little guilty replacing something perfectly functional but it has been 10 years so it feels time for something different. Any suggestions? I like having something a little different for the end seats.


  1. I now have to google what a sugarmold is!! Love the tweaks :-)

  2. Have you checked Chairish.com for chairs? You can filter it so it only shows your area. I've found the coolest things on that website.

  3. Lovely architecture. Everything look very lovely.


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