Airstream Envy

Sometimes it's a good thing I don't have a large backyard.  Otherwise I would be even more obsessed with scoring an airstream.  I have no interest in camping but using an airstream as an outdoor bar or patio anchor is pretty fabulous.

sources: byron bay / airstream classifieds / autocamp

I know, I know. I'm late to the party.  But you'll have to excuse this city girl who knows nothing of these metal boxes on wheels.  I didn't realize you could roll an entire extra room on your property! Granted, my backyard is too small to roll anything onto but I can dream right??

So without the ability to obsess about actually owning an airstream, I've added vacationing in one to my bucket list.  Notice I didn't say camping. Autocamp seems pretty amazing. As does this Airbnb.

Anyone have one?  Does it get musty/hot in there?


  1. We don't have an airstream, but I just finished renovating our travel trailer LAST NIGHT. We're currently looking for a small airstream to use as an office -- these are great inspiration.

    You can see our reno here:

    1. Your camper is so fun!! I have camper envy too evidently :)

      Does it get overheated in there? Or is there a solution to good airflow?

  2. When I was making a career transition (from opera singer to director) I LIVED in an Airstream for about 3 years! It was an adjustment, for sure, but I really loved those days. The small space forced me to keep things simple. I live in Houston, Texas, so yes it did get hot, but it did not take long to air-condition such a small space!

  3. It's like a tiny house, that moves! If I found a used one for cheaper, I would totally try and convince my husband to buy it. I've looked into the Autocamp! But I think for sleeping in one, I would want to pay less per pretty as they are!

  4. Here in the UK I always gasp if I see one "on the road", I love the shape and the material. There is one based in the south west somewhere which has been completely stripped out and decorated Art Deco style as a cocktail bar (turns up at shows). I do have enough room for one, but sadly, not enough money!

  5. Oh, you should see if you can Google the Magnolia Pearl Airstream! Not your taste,but I think you'd appreciate it! I think she sold it, so I'm not sure of there are any pics of it online any more...

  6. I didn't even know using an airstream as a patio anchor was a thing. I am insanely intrigued for our 'someday country house'. Now my productivity at work is going to drop today while dream!!! I'm ok with it though - I am now officially obsessed! Saw your pic of the movie screen in Woodstock on IG this weekend too - it looked awesome! More things to dream about....


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