The Gift of Memories Saved: KODAK Digitizing Box [Sponsored post]

We all have that person in our lives who is tough to shop for around this time of year. There comes in a point in some lives where another pair of slippers or candle just isn't going to delight anymore. Those type of people tend to value experience and making memories over "stuff". If you have one of those, I have the perfect gift for you: Kodak Digitizing Box!

A super simple and easy service that allows you to dust off those old videotapes, film reels, photos and slides and bring them into the modern age. Aside from allowing you to organize and share online, it also helps you preserve them for future generations.

A few years ago, I gave this gift to myself and I love having these family treasures accessible online and saved in my photo archives. This year I decided I'd do the same for a loved one.

The process is as easy as ever. The Kodak Digitizing Box is the modern version of the yellow envelope that you might remember from way back when. It arrived a few days after the order was made and includes a welcome guide with step-by-step instructions, safety barcodes for every item, a pre-paid return shipping label, and access to a personal concierge to answer any questions.. You decide which memories you want digitized and then send it back. Within a week I received an email that the files were ready for download and my original items were on their way back. A few days after that I had the box back in my hands along with memory stick and CD of all of those memories.

Now we have these priceless memories saved and can be shared at Christmas with the whole family.

Ready to start preserving the past? KODAK Digitizing Box is offering you 30% off your first order with code LIMESTONE for a limited time.

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