Kate's Studio Makeover

So now that you've seen the mod painted wall, it's time to see the rest of the studio makeover.

The space was small but also had to serve lots of purposes.  Aside from the usual sleeping and lounging area, she also needed to make room for a proper desk area (Kate works from home) and a dining space for the occasional dinner guest. Oh and did I mention storage?  She has a great walk in closet but a studio apartment always needs lots of places to store the odd bits and bobs.

So we tackled the desk/storage problem first by coming up with a affordable desk hack using ready made pieces.  Ikea to the rescue here with 3 of their Nordli dressers and a countertop. The left side serves as entertainment center and the right hand side serves as a working area. Those drawers added lots of valuable storage space without any visual clutter.  It meant sacrificing a few more inches of depth in the lounge space but it was worth it.  The morale of the story here is not to be afraid of large pieces even in small spaces when they make sense.

She already owned the perfect leather loveseat sofa which just so happened to be exactly the right size to sit up against the largest KALLAX bookshelf that not only serves as a room divider but also is a storage beast.  The bottom 3 rows of shelves house large black bins to hide lots and the top two rows are great display areas while still allowing light from both sides.

The lounge area needed a 8x8 rug to define the space and provide a cozy spot to hang. A small scale marble coffee table is easy to push out of the way when you need to room to stretch out (or to blow up a mattress when a friend crashes at your place). Finishing up the room are picture ledge shelves which balance out the tv as well as provide Kate a spot to change up the artwork as much as she likes.

On to the rest of the apartment. Her entryway is nice and spacious which allowed her to add this hallstand to store coats, bags and shoes that are used often.  A small gatefold table paired with modern leather chairs is a great spot for having morning coffee alone, serving appetizers to a group or enjoying a sit down meal for two.

And last but not least the sleeping area didn't need much with the painted wall.  Lots of soft bedding and a small end table did the job.

While shore on square footage, this space is long on style. It feels stylish and put together - just like the charming woman who lives there!  I couldn't be more pleased with how it all turned out. Hope you can take away some tips on outfitting your own small spaces.

Valspar Signature Paint in Northern Juniper & Blindfold
Brass Floor Lamp
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Velvet Ottoman
Round Coffee Table
Hall Tree
Brass Mirror
Room Divider
Picture Ledges


  1. Whoa! This is an incredible makeover-- so chic and intentional with both the layout and design. It has everything! What an inspiration. Thank you for posting!

    1. Thank so much! I’m really pleased with it too.

  2. This is beautiful!!! Where is that adorable yet super chic bedside table from. Love it!

    1. Oops! Forgot to include that. The bedside table is from West Elm. Hope that helps.


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