Halloween 2020: Grimms' Fairy Tales

I know its been a bit quiet around here but it is October and you know what that means.  The very best holiday (even if the world's worst year).  We are still debating about if we should or should not give out candy but that isn't stopping us from decorating and dressing up.

I wanted to do something a little more whimsical this year. I admit coming up with a theme that works both as decor and fitting for a family of four is getting harder and harder but we found one: Grimms' Fairy Tales.  

Specifically we are focusing on Red Riding Hood with a few nods so some other classics thrown in.

I went light in the DIY department this year.  Just making some basic signage and the books.  A lot of these decorative elements we had already but we did splurge and get some new pieces too this year. Most notably that werewolf that howls and looks right at you when it's plugged in.  (Check my insta stories this month for the full effect!)

So there you have it.  Halloween is definitely not the same this year but at least we are having fun where we can.  And yes we will be dressing up.  Grandma, the wolf, red and the woodsman are coming to a stoop near me later this month.

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  1. OMG! You NEVER disappoint on the Halloween front. This might be one of my favorites!! A definite bright spot (can you say that about Grimm?) in 2020. #FU2020

  2. Another amazing Halloween display! You are one talented mom - but I have one question that I deal with regarding holiday decorations. Where do you store all this when it's over??? Seeking helpful hints....

  3. Love it as always! You always do a wonderful job!

  4. You always put a lot of thought into the displays, and they never disappoint. Love those wreaths! Thanks for continuing to keep Halloween so fun for everyone.


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