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Hello strangers! I know I've been MIA lately but I just couldn't bring myself to post about pretty little projects or decor considering what was going on around me. We are very fortunate to be healthy and safe sheltering at home but the last few months have felt like a decade. Things seem to be improving - albeit at a snails pace - so I'm feeling a bit more myself these days although we have a ways to go.

So one of the few things I've been able to accomplish in this time was catching up on my annual photo books. I love these books - not only because they get our favorite photos and memories of these years out of the digital world and into our hands but also because the kids love to look at them and talk about our fun times. Especially now when we can't do as much - its nice to rehash our favorite trips and holidays.

I won't lie that a lot of time goes into pouring through all of the year's photos to cull it down to our favorites but it's so worth it!

For those that are curious, I always use Blurb for book printing. Specifically the image wrap hardcovers in 8x10 size with ProLine Pearl Photo Paper. I'm a pretty picky customer about photo printing and paper quality and have always been pleased with the outcome. My only complaint is that they slightly changed their book size at some point so they don't all line up perfectly but its the kind of thing only I would notice.

They are a little more expensive than some of the bigger companies like Shutterfly but I think their quality is worth the cost. With a discount coupon (or you could use this link to save you 30%), the cost isn't so bad.

For the record, this post isn't sponsored - I just really like their product and have been using them for 10 years so I feel very comfortable recommending them.


  1. Thanks for passing this along! I agree, now is the perfect time to go through photos, especially since it's a big project. I was looking forward to seeing your two books, but I keep getting error messages on the blurb site. I tried laptop and phone, so maybe it's not just me? Thanks again for sharing, I always love your work. Especially your Halloween displays and photography!!

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Thanks for this suggestion. I have become very disillusioned with Snapfish and am looking to move to a new service. How do you go about laying out the photobooks? I see they have several options. Would you mind sharing which one you use? Thanks! And I would be remiss if I didn't use my first time commenting to thank you for blogging - I have enjoyed your blog for years - it's always a treat to read - thank you for all your efforts!

  3. @anon - sorry for the late reply I just noticed I never answered your question. Thanks for being a returning reader.

    I use the blurb software to layout out my photos for my annual books. As you can tell I just use the same layouts over and over. I try to keep it simple by mixing up whole page photos and then collages. Ive been doing that for 10 years so it has some consistency. Even with that simple layout it does take a long time edit them all into a book but its so worth it!

  4. Sad to say, the links to your books don't work. Are the books set to "private" or something like that? I've enjoyed your past photo books, and used your tips (portrait format, upgraded paper) to create one of my own on Blurb back in 2012. Portrait format rocks!


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