Fireplace Mantle Alternatives for Stocking Hanging

The stockings were hung by the … err… no chimney here.  No fireplace, no mantle.  At least not one that would be suitable for Santa's entry point.  So instead we use our bookshelves as a mantle substitute.

sources: JOY sign / felted bird / Frasier fir garland/ stockings

We've been using the shelf to hang stockings since we moved here but I styled it a little differently this year to spice it up.  Kudos to Young House Love for thinking up of the most clever fireplace alternatives I've ever seen. Do you have your own workaround?

For those of you without a roaring fire to roast chestnuts, what do you use for your stocking display?


  1. Adorable! Where did you get your stocking clips? I've Ben looking for something simple and sturdy, and I think those would be perfect.

    1. Im using these since they were so highly reviewed but they are really not that well suited for bookshelves (thats why I stacked books over them to keep them stable)

  2. Great idea! We lived in a small city condo for years and used the windows that faced the "front door" of our building. I liked looking up to see the stockings every time I walked home.

  3. I used one of the shelves that had Shaker pegs until we got a proper mantel, but a friend of a friend had the cutest idea I'd ever seen.

  4. This year is the first year we have a mantel, no fireplace just an old marble mantel bought at a thrift shop. It was broken in half and yet I drooled, I walked away; I drooled more, dreamed, and threw rational thought out the window and purchased it. I simply could not get that broken mantel out of my head. Several trips to Lowes later, it was back together in one piece with an oversized chippy, gilt, mirror hanging above and faux candles stacked on a selection of old books in the opening waiting for Santa to stuff the stocking’s hung with care.

  5. We have a fireplace but it has no mantle and I'm always wary of sticking 3M hooks to hold stockings onto the (possibly hot) marble facade. Right now, Chloe has hung the stockings off the knobs of our sideboard. Works for me!

  6. I used to tie the stockings to the banister of the staircase. Had a Santa key long before it became commercialized. Now I have a mantle with an electric fireplace :-)

  7. That might be the cheeriest bookshelf I've ever seen! I love it!


  8. We use our entertainment center. They hang off the higher shelves.

  9. Beautiful! I use a 1950's credenza...topped with palms and tropical foliage. But...dayum....I painted and moved it this year. Need to get creative!

  10. I use our left and right TV speakers. They are maybe 4 ft tall, so they work pretty well and making watching shows more festive with a stocking on each side of the TV.

  11. That looks so warm and cozy! I love it!
    Last year we hung ours on a coat rack. Worked pretty well...

  12. I love that Joy sign!


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