DIY: Vertical Herb Garden

As promised, here is the step by step of how I made my own vertical herb garden.

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I started with supplies I picked up at Lowes (plants being the only exception). I used: 1 wood planter box, 1 pre cut board (24x48), 3 pieces of precut 2x1 trim (2 48in long and 1 24in long), nails, glue, 1 brick, screw in hooks, 9 small terra cotta pots, soil and plants.

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Trim out the big board using glue and small nails (since I bought precut, I didn't have to use the saw but if you are using scraps, you'll have to cut to size first). Place the brick into the planter and sit the big board on top. Screw the big board into the strongest part of the planter.

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Spraypaint in whatever shade floats your boat. In this case I went with a blue base and a gray top coat to tone the blue down a bit. Measure out where you want your pots to hang on the board and mark. Add your screw hooks.

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Now that your planter is ready, its time to drill a hole in those terra cotta pots. They are delicate so I added some tape for stability and then drilled a pilot hole followed by a larger hole in each using masonry bits. I'm not sure if all this was strictly necessary but it did the job.

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Plant to your hearts desire. (I planted english peas, brussel sprouts and lettuce in the base along with my favorite herbs in the pots.) Hang the pots on the hooks.

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Finally, I added the names of the herbs using a paint pen on the board. Voila. A vertical garden!

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I liked it so much I made two. Now I just need more pots and plants!

The backyard still needs a little more TLC but its coming together just in time for the warm weather.

Do you have any backyard projects you want to share?


  1. Jenny@EvolutionofStyle8:51 AM

    I absolutely LOVE this.  What a fantastic idea.  Even if I had a garden, I think
    I would want one of these specifically for herbs - easy access from my kitchen
    to my porch.  Thanks for sharing!

  2. Elizabeth9:52 AM

    I love it. OoO I will have to try and make one of these for myself in the future. I love herbs enough as it is, but to have cute little pots of them suspended on a paintable board...fabulous. =O And then to write their names above them all cafe-style! It just can't get any better. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. This is so pretty and perfectly Brooklyn!  Last year I tried to grow herbs on my fire escape but realized that I was grossed out by the BQE one block away.

  4. This is a fantastic idea!  I love it!

  5. This is beautiful. I'm sure by fall it will really be gorgeous & overflowing with growth. Wouldn't one be so pretty filled with edible flowers!

  6. what a great project!  I may have to try it myself... I wonder if I could even make it into a bench like the Applaro bench with wall panel at IKEA!

  7. StayAtHome -ista2:34 PM

    Very nice! I pinned it so I can use this tutorial for my yard. I might do chalkboard paint on the back so as I change the plants I can change the names behind them. But it might wash off in the rain, so...


  8. Wow, Stefanie, these are gorgeous! I love the color you chose and how you wrote the names of the plants on the board. I might have to make some of these for my (suburban Denver, CO) backyard.  I think I have just the spot, too. Thanks!

  9. blondieinco6:25 PM

    Love this idea!  Great job!

  10. I love this!  Seriously love this.  And I'll probably have to pay you the highest compliment by copying it in some form.  

  11. Twisted Susan9:21 PM

    Nice job on drilling the holes without shattering the pots!

  12. It was nerve wracking! But I didn't crack one so this method seems to work.

  13. I love this! Did you use cedar (or a different type of wood) that could hold up well outside?

  14. I love it! So glad you shared how you did this, I want to try something similar! :)

  15. Oh, this is awesome! I wish we got enough sunlight (and patio space!) for something like this. We might need to figure out how to make a mini herb garden this year.

  16. This is such a great project! Its totally perfect for us city dwellers who dont have room for a large garden.  Hmm, now I just need to find a bit of land outside to make my own :)

  17. Bonnie Banters1:03 PM

    This is beautiful and extremely clever.  I've had a problem with herbs that are in an open space getting too much you have any suggestions along these lines?  It seems each herb is different in how much water or rain it needs.  I'm just getting into herb gardening.  Thanks!

  18. I love the idea of hanging plants like this.  I want to cover a whole wall with plants and flowers.

  19. Jadkins@cabletv.on.ca8:59 AM

    I would paint it with chalk board paint never know down the road might want to change the wording, for differant plants or what ever

  20. Lucousins10:09 AM

    I love this!!

  21. What is the size of the planter box? And anyone know where one can be purchased for under $40

  22. I can't wait to try this!!

  23. This is the nicest vertical herb garden I have ever seen. I love how it looks like furniture and that there's extra space at the bottom for larger plants.

    Pinning so that I can persuade my husband that this is an awesome idea :)

    Angela xx
    Little Apple Tree


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