Holiday Snaps

A few snaps from my life lately...

Gotta love my city's balls #merrychristmas Waiting in line to mail these puppies with what feels like the entire manhattan population in line.
Not a creature was stirring, not even a... cat? Just as we finished hanging the garlands, snow of the started falling. Now that's the spirit!
This commute just got a lot merrier thanks to @marthastewart #shetakesthemorningtrain Outings are better on a full tummy.

Christmas is just a week away and I still have a lot to do including decorating the dining room, wrapping presents and hosting the feast. And then just a few days after Christmas, we are throwing Agatha's first birthday party which I've done absolutely nothing for just yet.

My to-do list is long but the days are short!   Thankfully I just love this time of year so I don't mind the hustle and bustle.

What about you?  Have you finished your list and checked it twice or will you be a last minute Christmas cruncher like me?


  1. Aw, your kitty under the tree looks just like mine!

  2. Oh definitely a “cruncher” which sounds much better than what I have been calling myself this week! :) I love this politically correct phrase.

  3. Beautiful pics - thanks for sharing! I always love seeing snippets of people's holiday bliss!

    Enjoy the season!

  4. Oh my!! Bottom right pic of baby...precious!!! I love the crunch!! I am pretty tired of the Christmas stressers...the people that stress and get um let's say, a little wicked! I told my husband the other day, "What is with people? They have known that Christmas is coming for almost a year now"...but we Christmas crunchers can handle the's when we do our best work!!! hugs, cathy


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