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I love a well wrapped gift so every year I try to add something a little personal. This year we went with something goofy.

Last year it was reindeer silhouettes, in 2011 it was naughty or nice tags (with a free download),
Not strictly for Christmas, I also shared some woodsy animal printed tags last  year.    I'd love to see what special touches you add to your packages.

How do you wrap your gifts?


  1. I just want you to know I have been following your blog for several years now and I think you are BRILLIANT!!!! I have used several of your ideas. Everyone thinks I'm a genius!!!! I tell them I'm not that creative it's all you "Brooklyn Limestone"!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us
    Michelle Viera
    Next year for my 40th happy birthday party, I am so doing the Wizard of Oz theme you did for Halloween!!!
    Love it!!!!
    Thanks again

  2. I love wrapping gifts and I'm often the "elf" in the family that has the patience to sit down and wrap everyone's gifts. Besides including as much sparkle as possible (I love how pretty presents look under the tree!), I like to make the gifts from someone silly. Usually the pets. Sometimes the gift will coincide with the pet. For example, the year my Mom got the Cesar Milano book on dog training, it was given to her from the dog that was peeing all over the house. Along with an apology.

    Actually, now that I think about it, the animals in the family give more gifts than the people!

  3. I hope you will be able to answer my email I sent you last week...maybe after Christmas when things calm down? (re: Tara's invitations you made...) :-) Kim

  4. I love sparkly parper, ribbons, bows, and more sparkle, the more sparkle the better. Also tape; the more tape the better, thatI I got from my grandmother. She used to use tape like we had stock in it. :)

  5. what font did you use? Love it.

  6. love this! total need to do something like this!

  7. And I love that "butcher's" string too. Going to look out for that for next year!

  8. What I great idea! It is really, really nice card. Is it hard to make at home? What kind of meterial did you use?

  9. Thank you for the Naughty or Nice gift tags. I am using them again this year because they were such a hit last year with my grandkids.

  10. Ha these are great! I used your naughty or nice tags! Big hit two years ago :)


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