DIY Wood Slice Door Mat Boot Tray

It's no secret -  I have a thing for wood slices. This little project has been rattling around in my head forever. Luckily, the whole project very simple if you have access to free branches or if you are lucky enough to have a generous friend who brings you a giant bag of wood slices just because I asked. Thank you to my wood slice fairies!

DIY Wood Slice Door Mat Boot Tray

You will need: wood slices in a consistent height in varying widths (some cut in half for edging, some round), a base in the size you want your finished piece and wood glue.
DIY Wood Slice Door Mat Boot Tray
DIY Wood Slice Door Mat Boot TrayDIY Wood Slice Door Mat Boot Tray

I started with a scrap piece of wood I had left from a prior project. There are probably more ideal base materials (feel free to chime in here) but I had this laying around so that's what I used.  My mat is 24 inches wide by 18 high but you could make this in any size that works for your space.  Then it was all a matter of finishing the worlds easiest jigsaw puzzle.

Wood Slice Door Mat Boot Tray |

I started by dry fitting the half circles around the edges until I had a good arrangement.  Then used the wood glue to tack each one down. I allowed a few minutes to dry before moving onto the inside arrangement.  Once the edge pieces were firm, I laid all of the larger wood slices randomly inside the frame, followed by smaller pieces and kept going until it looked right.  Then I picked each piece up in place, added a dollop of glue and kept going until it was done.  ( Pretty sure you really need to glue them all down since they hold each other in place pretty well but I like to live dangerously.)

Wood Slice Door Mat Boot Tray | brooklynlimestone.comWood Slice Door Mat Boot Tray | brooklynlimestone.comWood Slice Door Mat Boot Tray |

So there you have it - a place to dry my boots that was easy to create and a pleasure to look at!


  1. I really like that!!

  2. It's beautiful! Looks like the juniper branch trivets I bought in Helsinki last fall. (something like this

  3. This looks awesome! Such a clever idea.

  4. That looks awesome. I need a wood slice fairy! P.S. Love the boot umbrella stand!

  5. Very nice! Did you make any drainage holes on the bottom? Just curious how it handles rainy/snowy boots.

  6. I love this idea! I am going to try and make one that resembles yours with some tree branches from the house I grew up in. How tall did you make each one? 1 inch high or?
    Thank you in advance!


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