And so it begins...

As the saying goes....start at the beginning. So I think this week is as much of a beginning as a blog can possibly expect.

We officially close in just 5 short days and the stress is definitely creeping its way from the back room of my mind to the front door. So very much to do in a house that has so much potential and so very many expenses on a limited budget.


Anticipating a day that we will actually live in this house and that the house be totally transformed, I'm starting this blog to chart the progress. Or lack thereof. When its all done, I'll look back on it and laugh at all the crazy times. You know, how the work finished early and under budget and better than we hoped. HA! Okay, maybe I'm recording this whole thing because I'm keeping my mind off worrying about it. Either way, if anyone is still reading, please enjoy and leave me a comment or two.

Here she is:

Maybe you're thinking to yourself, 'that doesnt look so shabby, whats to worry about?'. Ok, you asked for it!
*warning: this photo not suitable for the young or the young at heart!

Whats that? You've seen enough! I thought so. And I bet you won't even believe this photos makes this room look BETTER than it looks in person. That's right, you read correctly: better. Whats all that brown stuff? Ive tried to tell myself its dirt but Im not about to do any taste tests.

Whoever said pink and brown was fashionable didnt have this torture chamber in mind.

Ok, there are some nice things about this house that did make me fall in love with it and its potential, but right now its being outshined by the bad. The few people who have come thru the front door with us usually do this quiet mumble of an "ugh" because its pretty disappointing once you get inside. But beyond all that dirt and nastiness, I think a gem is waiting underneath. Hopefully I thunk right. So I'll go into some of the positives in a later post. Until then, don't let this bathroom haunt your nightmares


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I'm so freaking excited for you guys. Lots of work to be done, but what a dream project!

  2. Hi there I saw your bathroom on CC and decieded to pop over here. Wow what an excited adventure. I'm sure it will take lots of time, blood, sweat and tears but I can see so much potential.

    How fun!!

    I was curious why the house was in such shambles did the owner just forget about the place. Also where are you guys living while this reno is going on. Are you going to fix what needs to be fixed to live in the place first or just carry (what I assume are 2 rent/mortgages).

    Sorry if I'm being super nosey. I'm just jealous I can't partake in a project like this. It's right up my alley

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Your house has soooooooo much potential... I can't wait to see what you guys do with this place. ;)

  4. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I like the idea of a backsplash--what about a detail over or behind the stove in the kitchen? You're probably going with a white kitchen this time, right?

  5. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Hi! I would like to tip my fellow-bloggers about Your blog - so I wonder if I can use the picture of Your house? Best wishes Emma

  6. Hi Emma....what is your blog?

  7. I love that your mad blogging skillz inspired Emma right away to want to tell all of her friends. Bloggers are nice people! :) You have, indeed, come a long way. Congrats on 4 years in the Limestone!

  8. Aww~ your first post! I've never seen it before. Congrats!

  9. Wow- look how FAR you've come!!


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