Faking it, limestone style
{18 nov 2007}

We've been lucky to have a lot of the original detail left untouched in our house so there aren't many spots where we have to fake it. But the old ceiling medallions that once graced the parlor floor were long gone or too plastered over to save.

There are a lot of styles available but I found it difficult to find ones with the size and style I was going for. These aren't 100% what I imagined but after a fairly exhaustive search, Im pretty certain that this is the closest thing available.

I purchased them at Architectural Depot. Im not certain why but the large one and small one are about the same price - $61. They make a nice bang for the buck, don't you think?


On Friday, we were surprised to find the medallions we had left were installed. There is still the finishing touches to add (painters caulk) and paint before they blend better with the plaster ceilings but I think they are looking sharp. After so many weeks of plumbing and electrical progress (which is wonderful but not nearly as fun as the surface stuff), these little jewels made me very happy.

They aren't all in yet but the big one pictured on top will be in the parlor and dining room and the small one will be in the hallway and master bedroom.

In other happy news, we're making good progress elsewhere as well. The crew started laying down the pavers in our little backyard to beat the upcoming ground freeze, the bathrooms are pretty much ready to tile, the walls are getting plaster/sheetrock as required, etc.. I'll post a bit more of the progress later this week. But as our architect said on Friday "Its starting to look like somplace nice to live". Sounds like a plan.


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    How very exciting! And yes, quite the bang for the buck.

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Awesome. I'm excited for you, definitely worth every penny.

  3. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Wow, that's great! It really is looking nice. I'm not doing the "big" renovation on my small Manhattan limestone (it looks like it's half the size of yours) for another five years, but I'm having some small work done soon. I am craving more light, as well as ceiling fans (we have no air conditioning, and those fans make a big difference), at least until we do the "real" renovation. We have a few of the medallions, and they vary much more than I would have expected. In some cases, there are working electrical points behind the medallions, so the electrician has already been able to put lights and/or fans in there. But in some cases, there were problems in installing them, so they're going to try again on the next round of work - which means we may be losing a medallion, I fear. So, now I know where to go. Thank you!

    And yes, your house is looking really lovely. I'd like to know what kind of windows you used too?


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