Let there be light!
{31 oct 2007}

A lot has been happening over here although most of it hasn't been very fun to talk about or photograph so Ive neglected to blog about it. I figure a summary post is in order.

We're about 2 months into the renovation and while there is still soooooo much more to do, its starting to look a little more like a human residence rather than a haunted relic.

For starters, rough plumbing is in and passed inspection. Hooray! The HVAC "package" is on the roof and the final pieces of that mechanical should be finished soon. Sheetrock/new plaster is going up in bits where its supposed to be. The large mirror that used to live in the front parlor has been sucessfully transplated into the dining room. Finished materials like cabinets, tiles, fixtures are all on their way or ready to be installed. Its all very exciting to see progress! Touch wood it continues.

And most exciting is the house has been semi transformed from the drab dungeon feeling with the installation of new windows, new skylights and lighting!
Yea, I like a lot of like, so sue me.

As you can see, we decided to use some 4 inch recessed lights as well as yet to be installed central fixtures like chandeliers and wall sconces. I was concerned that I wouldn't like the recessed lights once they went in as they seem to get a bad rap. Now that they are in, Im so happy with them. The give off great light and aren't so huge that they are eyesores. Right now the lights are just bare and hanging but I can get a sense of what the finished product will look like. And since everything is on a seperate switch and on a dimmer, we'll have a lot of control over the quality of the light.

Two new between the stud skylights have been installed for the upstairs bathroom.
And brand new shiny windows have been installed on every floor.

With light shed, can running water can't be far behind?

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    GAH!! I'm so excited for you! Things are really coming together. I can only imagine how difficult the whole lighting decision making must have been, I'm having issues making choices with my studio. I think your lights are going to be fabulous, they look great already.

    What type of windows did you use?


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