Moving the mirror

If you are like us, you really appreciate the charm of old homes. But there are many things that add to the charm of an old house but conflict with modern life. One of those things was our lovely pier mirror.
Parlor_PocketDoorthruMirror Parlor_LivingRoomMirror
It sat right in the middle of the front room which we would use as our living room. The narrow size, doorways at two walls and the centered mirror all make for a very awkward furniture arrangement. And I'll let you in on a little known secret: we watch tv! (pause to allow for gasps of horror) I know you are shocked to hear this as it seems no one admits to watching tv anymore, no less in their own living rooms. But we had no plans to make a living room in which we couldn't stare at the boob tube so some adjustments had to be made. And that mirror sat right in the middle of the room spoiling any arrangement that would feel comfortable. Add that to the idea that watching myself in a full length mirror while I vegged out in front of that tv didn't seem very appealing either. So we had a dilemma. We loved the mirror and wanted it to stay but leaving it as is would make for an awkward room.

So stealing the idea from a very nice couple* that let us see their own renovation, we decided to move the mirror to the back of the floor were our new dining room would be. The mirror would make a great accent in a more formal room and the chandelier we would put over the dining room table would look great in the reflection.

I'll admit, we were concerned if it would make the move without some collateral damage. It had to be carefully disassembled, its pieces moved to the basement while other work was done and then reassembled in the new dining room. Our anxiety was high the day we came home to see this.
But as we've come to learn, the features in this house aren't quite as delicate as we had thought and its been reassembled successfully in its new home.DSC_0256
Its old spot is being outfitted with the appropriate cables and electrical to put a television. DSC_0252
Still a lot of finishing touches to be done on both spots but we're pleased with how its turned out.

*Footnote: Back when we started this project, we were lucky enough to find a couple kind enough that invited us (complete strangers) into their home to see how their own limestone renovation had gone. We were there to see the work of that contractor (who we didn't end up using) but we walked away with the name of our architect and one of their great ideas that we took for our own house reno. So to that nice guy and his girlfriend thanks very much for letting us lear at your fabulous progress and I hope you'll take the outright theft of your idea as a form of flattery.


  1. Anonymous12:46 AM

    that mirror is PERFECT for the dining room! and you know what? i understand exactly what you're saying about TV and the living room. dare i admit that we didn't bid on a couple of houses b/c we couldn't figure out where to put the 51" toob.

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I think it looks GREAT there. This is all so very exciting it seems like everything is happening so fast!!!

    What's the estimated completion time, do you have one?



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