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Up until recently, whenever we had someone coming to the house we would tell them address and add "You can't miss us, we're the house that looks the worse". The rusty cornice, peeling windows frames and shoddy storm windows gave away the disrepair that lurked on the inside. In the grand scheme of other things that were wrong with this place, it was a minor problem. After nearly a year of looking at it, it stopped bothering me quite so much.


The windows got replaced a while ago and they really improved the overall look but the rusty cornice remained. I figured we'd have to wait until the interior work was finished before I'd see the exterior pretty. But one day the scaffolding was up and two guys were tirelessly scraping away whatever paint had clung on over the years. As the flakes of old paint rained down on my at the front door, I was excited to see the progress later that day.

Voila! We are well on the way to looking like all the other houses on the street. On a block where virtually everyone seems to take great pride in caring for their home and keeping it looking good, thats something to be proud of.


We wavered a little on the black paint at first since most people seem to pick lighter colors. Now that I can see it painted, I love it. Its so shiny and beautiful, I just want to stare at it all day.


  1. Looks amazing!! How nice for you that your neighbors take pride in their homes. Wish we could say the same ;)

  2. It looks beautiful, I have always love row houses , can't find them here but they are fantastic.

  3. Good choice, the black looks classic and sharp.


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