Look what Santa brought us!

Crappers! Ahem, toilets.

I think its official - I'm an old lady now without hope of a glimmer of my younger self returning. These boxes of porcelain are so much more exciting than a pair of shoes or a night out partying. Granted, I was never one to buy designer shoes or party too late on a school night but still...I used to think of myself as having a tiny fun streak. That illusion is now over. And I could care less.

toilets copy

A little army of toilets sits before me at the ready for my disposal needs. (well, not in the living room but soon enough in their rightful spots) Woo-hoo.

As you may recall from an earlier post, the battle over standard vs. comfort height as well as round vs. elongated bowls has raged on. Evidently happy is the husband with a "comfort" height, elongated toilet. Who knew? So we've broken out the house in territories of comfort vs. standard. The cellar, also known as man's domain, is getting a comfort height, elongated bowl. Our parlor bathroom is getting a comfort height, round bowl. And the two bathrooms upstairs (master and guest) are getting standard height, round bowls.

At this point, I think both of us would be overjoyed to have any kind of working toilets in place. More to come on that subject. Until then, thank you Santa.

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  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Whoo hoo! How exciting. I can't wait to pick out my first toilet bowl (we've yet to renovate a bathroom...soon!)

    I would get giddy seeing all of those boxes as well. CONGRATS ;-) LOL.


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