Happy Accidents and Other Progress

While most "surprises" of renovation, are negative, this one has a positive spin. You may remember one of my earlier posts where I mentioned my adoration of this doorknob.
Parlor Doorknob
Actually I really loved all the door hardware. I spent a lot of time painstakingly removing them from the doors using putty knives and dremel followed by boiling the old paint off and cleaning each with toothbrush and toolpicks. I was quite happy with the cleaned up versions because they still had their patina without the dirt and paint.
Doorknobs after boiling

After many months of sitting in bins, I gave all of the old hardware to the contractor to re-install. Imagine my surprise when I saw them a few weeks later completely stripped of the patina and shiny?
Polished doorknobPolished doorknobDoorknob polish surprise
This isn't at all what I would have asked for but I can't imagine how much time and elbow grease must have spent getting these so clean. So while it isn't what I thought I wanted, I think these look pretty good. I even like the mismatch of silver knob and brass plate. In fact, I was planning on using those shades as accents in the decorating so I guess this gets filed under"happy accidents".

In other progress, our washer/dryer have moved into its home on the second floor closet. Its inaugural wash is in the works.
Washer/Dryer Closet

The island has been fully installed, sink installation in progress and the recessed lights that were in the wrong place have been moved.
Kitchen in Progress

Lastly our appliances arrived! Here is the giant fridge.
Ge Profile French Door with Ice Dispenser
I went appliance shopping thinking I would end up with a counter depth refrigerator but ended up going with this one. It juts out quite a lot but when I saw that even the counter depth ones jutted out and I would have had to give up crushed ice in the door, this one came out on top. Its a Ge Profile. I've had Ge Profile appliances before and figured it was good to stick with what we're happy with.

Went with the Ge Cafe stove, microwave and dishwasher. This is a new line but I really liked how the slide in range didn't have a big control panel on the back as well as its double oven feature. Since its new, there weren't a whole lot of reviews on this so keeping fingers crossed its not going to make me rue this decision.

ountertops are scheduled to arrive this week. Fully functioning kitchen soon to follow.


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Things look lovely, I LOVE all of your door hardware.

    You are doing a wonderful job...

    Kathy :)

  2. The hardware tunred out beautiful, I gasped, when I read. Happy accident you are correct.

  3. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Oh my goodness - I also gasped on the hardware. It looks really beautiful and adds a little touch of elegance, reminiscent of how the house was in it's day.

    But everything looks amazing. I had to chuckle at your new W&D - I bought the same set and have been not-so-patiently waiting for it to be installed so I can do the inaugural wash.

  4. Wow, those doorknobs are fantastic. I cant imagine having all original doorknobs in a house like that! The kitchen is coming along wonderfully, but those knobs are showstoppers!

  5. Doorknobs...gorgeous. Kitchen is amazing. I love your house!! When can I move in??? (kidding)

  6. Thanks all!

    In other progress - I decided to treat myself to the Restoration Hardware chairs with a 20% discount coupon. (I really liked the Norwalk chairs that Chris had found for me but I couldn't get any of the suppliers to give me a price quote.)

  7. Don't know if you'll read this since it's an old post but did I read correctly when you wrote a stove with double ovens??? Although we won't be touching the kitchen until later in the year I really want double ovens. I was planning wall ovens to achieve this but since we are not planning on staying here very long it doesn't seem worth it but the cook in me is craving them!! Please let me know how the stove is working as it would definitely be an option.


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