Furniture shopping/lusting continues...

I want these chairs as the ends of my yet unfound dining room table. I like how they have a little curve where the back mets the seat - much like the couch Ive ordered. In addition to liking the style, they are quite comfy. Problems? They are too damn expensive and they don't come in a gray fabric.
I know Ive seen these chairs in gray silk. Anyone want to tell me where?


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Did you know that Restoration Hardware has a monthly warehouse sale at it's distribution center in Maryland? I was just there 2 weeks ago, and I could have sworn they had a bunch of these chairs. I was looking for Marson nighstands (which I got at $450 off each!) but it was literally a sea of RH merchandise, some brand new, others dinged and dented.
    They also have an outlet in Wrentham MA. You can call them and be placed on a 'waiting list' for items that they get.
    For both the savings can be anything from 20-80%.
    I just stumbled onto your blog via I believe. It's fantastic. I love the work you are doing to your house! I'm currently restoring a Greek Revival in New Haven, CT.

  2. Thanks Pedro. Ive been to a RH outlet before but never thought they would put me on a wait list. I'll give them a call.

    Love the Greek Revival style - do you have photos posted anywhere? Please share!

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM

  4. Norwalk furniture carries that chair, its Candace Olsen design, can't find a price, but they have it available in grey. As well there are NY location's

  5. Thanks priscilla - thats a gorge chair but its not a dining chair. But now that Ive seen that, I want it too! You've created a monster for tufted upholstered pieces ;)

    Chris - I can't seem to find the dining chair that looks like that on the site. Am I just missing it? Do you have a name or style number?

  6. I can't help you with the chair, but just wantet to tell you how gorgeous it is. But you know that ;-)

  7. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Ist off I love your are doing an amazing work.
    I would love to know more info on the products that you used in your bathrooms,brands etc. Is that possible. I am in the process of renovating a 1850's house on cape cod and I'm inspired by the work that
    your doing.

    Regarding the chair Barbara Barry for Baker does a similar style # 3494 check it out

  8. Thanks laila!

    Anon - happy to share any info you have. Just let me know what details you're looking for and I'll post.

    Those Baker chairs are gorgeous. But it appears they are $2K EACH! Maybe the Restoration Hardware price is more reasonable than I thought?

    This is the chair , it is a margo, can't find the price on the site, I imagine it is no where near the comparables , I bet much much less.

  10. Love that!!

    There aren't very many sellers of that line in my area. I left a message for one so hopefully they can give me a price quote on the phone.


  11. Anonymous9:48 AM


    I'm interested a couple of things ..

    Kitchen: are your cabinets custom if not who are they from.

    Bathroom: lighting , did you try to use one resource or
    did you mix it up?

    Tile : you said that your explored vintage tile what did
    you finally decide to use?


  12. Kitchen: are your cabinets custom if not who are they from.

    The are custom and by Plain & Fancy.

    Bathroom: lighting , did you try to use one resource or
    did you mix it up?

    Not sure which bathroom you are referring to but here is the run down. In my master bathroom, the sconces are from Restoration Hardware. In my parlor bathroom (the one with the carrera marble tiles on the wall that isn't finished yet so there are few photos posted)the sconces are from Pottery Barn and the ceiling light is from Hudson Valley. The hall bathroom over cabinet lighting fixture is from Lowes.

    Tile : you said that your explored vintage tile what did
    you finally decide to use?

    While I looked into it, using anitque tile was never an option. Its simply too hard to find in large enough quantity. I seriously considered using reproduction subway tile (the kind that is completely flat rather than the eased edge) but the price was too much to justify for me. I did use marble hex and marble subway in my parlor bathroom that is period appropriate but not original.

    Hope that helps!!

  13. okay...i love this blog.
    how did you find mine?
    you are living a dream of mine for sure. i would love to live in a house like that (reminds me of movies) and would have the absolute best time renovating it. it is all so beautiful.
    everything you've done is exactly what i would pick!
    i am so intrigued now to watch it progress.
    beautiful stuff!


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