I say po-ta-to, You say po-tat-o

A little sneak peak at our scary man of the stairs. Despite his age and what he has been through these past few months, he is looking quite handsome to me.
The latest decision to be made is what to paint the stair risers. For those obsessed with staining everything in site: yes,they need to be painted. I want to paint them black - its a little bit unusual but the black will work nicely with the pale grey and dark stain of the stair treads. It will also hide ugly scuff marks better. And its not any sort of strange choice like orange or teal. So whats the problem? Mr. Limestone didn't have an opinion on this until our contractor and architect chimed in that the cream would be nicer. Now Mr. Limestone is literally insisting that they be painted cream.

Why is it that when I needed help picking paint colors, no one has an opinion but when I'm 100% sure then everyone has to chime in?

I used to believe that whenever I would say white, Mr. Limestone would say black just to drive me completely up a wall. But I was wrong. In fact, when I say black, he says cream! A world of difference.

Whatever the shade, its quite close to being done. We're both in total agreement that a good thing.


  1. I can't wait to see the stairs with black risers, I stepped out of the box with my stairs as well, the treads are dark grey and the risers are a paler shade of grey brown.
    The light you inquire about is from Home Depot in Canada, it was $120.00 if I recall correctly a great deal , I would have a second one if only I had a spot to put one. I think it was an instore item as I can not find it online.It was a Hampton Bay item .
    You can have a custom shade made to fit over any chadelier!!! I am sure NY has loads of places that can do that for you.

  2. Thanks Chris. My husband is being really stubborn on the issue. Not sure why this is such a mental block for him.

    Thanks - Ill have to check out Home Depot.

    I already have a chandelier so adding a shade would be easier - but how do I get it to hang on there?

  3. Ask Mr. Limestone if he's going for the Shabby Chic look and then show him a bunch of distressed white (ahem, cream) furniture from the "cottage" groups on Flickr. I'm sure he'll see the (black)light sooner or later.

  4. The shade can sit on the central rod just below the chain .

  5. Im obviously dense b/c I cant figure out how the shade would stay on there. I wouldn't want it to be precariously balanced. Is there something I can add to keep the shade at the proper height? But how do you get it to stay?

    PS: my chandeliers all have chains, not rods. Not sure if that makes a difference.

  6. I have a question, do you have an inspirational photo of black painted risers, I recently saw a programe and it featured some black painted risers,will you paint the side of the stair case black as well, leaving the rails and spindles stained???

  7. I don't have an inspiration photo. I wish I did so I could try to convince the Mr. (even though it would likely not work).

    I would just want the risers painted black. I'd want the stringer and the rails to remain the bone white.

    I think the contrast will be a nice contemporary touch to a really traditional scene.


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