The power of paint - part 2

As I mentioned in the previous paint post, not all of my decisions were good ones. Excuse my crudeness but I call this post the "skid mark" edition.

For the most part, I've picked various shades of grey, blue-greens and cream for most of the house. When it came time to pick the color for the hall bath on the second floor, I figured I should go dark just to add a little interest to the colorless bathroom. It has plenty of light - both natural (skylight) and artificial (recessed ceiling and over medicine cabinet fixture) and I wanted to pick something a little more interesting than the pale blue green shades in the rest of the bathrooms.
Second Floor Hallway Bathroom
I didn't want to pick a totally different color so I went with one shade darker than the "greige" shade (silver fox) in our living room. It was a pretty dark shade on the sample but it seemed to have enough grey in it to give it a bit of an edge to a really traditional bathroom. And even the name of the color, stardust, sounded beautiful.

Much to my surprise and horror, that color is not gray at all but a Hershey color brown. It might be a beautiful color in another room but a milk chocolate shade on the walls of a bathroom conjures only one thought - poo!
I don't think this photo shows how bad it looked in person but it was legendary. It had to go.

Lucky for us, its a small room and it was repainted with some leftover paint. Even though its now a much more pleasing shade (beach glass), it will forever be known as the poo bathroom to me.
Hall Bathroom Repainted

Hey - what can I say? They can't all be winners.


  1. The beach glass is perfect , matches the inset tiles , it was too stark you were right to change it.

  2. Thanks Chris.

    But there are no inset tiles on the wall here. There are black tiles on the floor but nothing blue.

  3. They are black, I thought they were , love it . I am actually going to rip out the tile in a powder room and do the small hex tiles for the floor, I wanted all marble but those are $40.00 a sq ft, I might do a random inset in carera and the rest white hex, so classic.

  4. The other bathrooms in the house have marble mosaic. I went with a much more economical but period appropriate choice for this bathroom since it will be the least used by moi.

    Im not sure if this is helpful to you since you don't live near here but while I was shopping for tile, I found the marble tiles to be in the 40/sq foot price range too. But then I found a local Brooklyn company that was selling them for about $19/sq foot. Its the exact same tile thats selling for more than double elsewhere (trust me, Ive checked).

    So I'd suggest trying to find local places that work with marble to see if you can find a better price. Whoever is selling at 40/sq foot is likely buying it for half that from someone who is already marking it up.

  5. As I was scrolling down and looking only at the pictures before reading the text, I thought "ooh I like the brown"....... Then I saw it changed.

    I like the new paint too. But I like the brown. Honestly, it looks just like the paint I have in the bathroom of my 1935 house with white tub, toilet, sink, woodwork etc.

    Guess that is why I liked it so much.


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