Little wonders

As the kitchen gets fine tuned, no other major transformations have taken place this week. There have been a series of small tasks being crossed off that give me great joy. Sometimes the little things make a big difference. As much for the thing itself as for the reminder we are getting closer to the finish line.

This first thing isn't really that small but its getting lumped into the small miracles list.
When we bought the house, one of the first things we noticed was that the bench in the parlor hallstand was broken and its other "leg" was no where to be found. We discussed this with our architect as well as the various contractors we interviewed and all manner of repair solutions were suggested. Despite a few very good ideas, I still really wanted a matching pair of phoenix in the house. So I was quite shocked when our contractor told us he could have a copy of the remaining leg made. We didn't hold out much hope and figured whatever came back would likely be a poor imitation of the original.
Hallstand bench
But one day we noticed that the hallstand had been repaired during the days work! And not only was it repaired in some half ass manner but the phoenix carving had a beautiful match. If I didn't look closely, I would be hard pressed to know which one was new! I was seriously impressed. I have no clue where our contractor found someone to do the carving (he later told us it wasn't easy) nor do I care too much. Im just happy it was done so well. Can't wait to see this baby painted.

Back on to the "little" things list, our doorbell got installed. Doesn't it look purdy?
Ding Dong
I will say that Im a little annoyed that the button part doesn't light up. I assumed the plastic button was there because its illuminated. Evidently it was just a cheapo button on a the brass fixture. So annoying.

The faucets in our master bathroom got installed.
Can you sense a theme here? I like shiny things. :)

The corbels were installed in the ceiling divide between dining room and kitchen. Its a small detail but I think it adds a nice texture and a whisper of interest to a really boxy room.
Corbel closeup

And finally our dining room and living room light fixtures got installed. Two chandeliers and two sets of sconces now in place.
Dining Room



  1. That is quite an incredible job on the replica leg, wow, stunning, what a fun feature.
    So I am wondering are the remianing and made over moldings flawless, or do they show imperfections?? and is perfection in an old house attainable, I do not live by it as a budding carpenter I am very cuious.

  2. Im a pretty critical person and I haven't seen flawless in any house, new or old. If you look close enough at pretty much anything, you can find problems.

    With my house, there are more "flaws" than with a new house. I think some things turned out better than I expected, some things not as nice as I would have liked. But all in all, everything looks pretty good.

    The one thing thats more obvious to a casual observer is that there are areas where we repainted over old paint. Its not as smooth as it could be if we had stripped everything. But that was definitely not in the budget or the schedule.

    To be specific about the molding - it looks just about as good as what I would imagine it looked like when it was new. So Im pretty satisified with that.

  3. it's all coming together so beautifully.

  4. Ahhh... your house makes my head spin. It looks like something in an F. Scott Fitzgerald book. Corbels and shiny faucets and carved phoenix's. Wow. These pictures make it worth my getting up this morning!

  5. Thanks so much guys. Im glad someone is listening to my ramblings :)

  6. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Wow, your house is amazing! You have definitely got your work cut out for you but what a fabulous opportunity! And from what I have seen so far, you are doing an amazing job!

  7. WOW, your house is filled with goodies. I'l love to change my new house with less imperfections with yours anyday!! And I'm very happy with mine, so that really means your house is just... I don't have words strong enough, but how about stunning, beautiful,fantastic and gorgeous for a start? Fit for royals, I'd say!

  8. Such great features! I tried to maintain as many of the ones in my house as well, with a modern edge. But you've got features galor!

  9. You are true inspiration! I have been collecting wonderful old architecture elements for a few years knowing we were starting our remodel this summer.I'm just speechless at your eye for design!
    Hats off to you. I found your blog cause you stoped in at mine
    Soulful Adornments
    Take a peek at this is were we sell things from our travels
    take care lorie :D

  10. If the little white plastic button on the doorbell bothers you... why not just lightly sand it and paint it with a brass coloured paint that matches the rest of it? Worth a try... ..or flat black is always the other option...white does look a bit strange.

  11. I could paint it with gold paint but I think it wouldn't wear well in the elements. Then I'd just end up with a peeled up mess.

  12. Michelle Niegel10:30 PM

    Magnificent work, isn't it? From so peeling off furniture to brand new looking one....

  13. Michelle Niegel10:31 PM

    What a terrific work, from peeling off to a brand new looking furniture...what a transformation....Owatrol Paint Conditioner


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