Sometimes I give in.

Im sure you were all at the edges of your seats to see how the great stair debate would turn out. I figured I'd let the collective universe breathe a sigh of relief that I went with the cream risers.

Even an unrelenting bitch like me gives in sometimes :)


  1. I think it looks great!

  2. Strong words, yikes, we all have strong opinions, I am sure you aren't a bitch , but a woman with hundreds of decisions and details to wade through. The stairs look great , I think that they would have looked good in black too.

  3. I have taken your stair image and shown the risers in black, they look bold and lovely. I will put it up on blog, hope you don't mind, come take a look.

  4. I still think they would have looked better in black. But I gave in on this one since it wasn't something I felt that would look bad in the cream. It looks fine. Bland but fine.

  5. I love the cream stairs. I saw a picture of both on another blog and I think yo made the right decision. The cream makes the stairs stand out more and you notice the rich wood.

  6. a hand painted decorative scene painted on the risers would look awesome.... something to think about!
    I can paint it!

  7. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I'm laughing and laughing at this--we are in this turmoil at my house. I am SOOOO TIRED of scrubbing off the scuff marks from toes going up the steps! I've vowed to paint my risers chocolate brown. I haven't won yet... still trying.
    P.S. I'll admit I am also the woman who painted my mudroom this summer--after ten years of a lovely adobe color I gave in and painted it the color of...yes...MUD! (it looks great and I'm through fighting the inevitable tide of marks from the dog, the kids, the hubby, etc...)


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