Will it ever end?

Intellectually, I know the answer to that question is yes. But it doesn't feel that way right at this minute. Everything was supposed to be done by now. And about a month ago, the job was 90% finished, so it was only logical that it would done now. But its not.

For one thing, the floors in our living room/dining room are being redone AGAIN. This will be the third time as the people doing the refinishing can't seem to do it right. Of course a whole lot of finger pointing takes place but I really don't care - JUST FINISH!!!

In addition to that, there are a long list of "little" things that need to be done like paint touch ups and knob installations. Why the crew is dragging on this last list of things is beyond me as they are not being paid by the hour.

I was so looking forward to being able to unpack and start settling in to a worker free house this week. Ive accepted that is going to happen now but it doesn't make it any less depressing.

Anyway, here is a peek at one room that is completely done (short of putting in the rest of the light bulbs in the sconces) - the master bathroom:
MasterBathroom Finished

If the dust creation in this house would ever cease, I could add my lotions and potions, a potted orchid, fluffy towels and enjoy it!


  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    It looks like a hotel bathroom...the only warmth is the color...I am sure it will look better once you add personal "touches".


  2. Not sure if thats supposed to be some kind of insult but I like hotel bathrooms. Unless you mean motel 6 and then Im greatly offended :)

  3. It is a stunning example of great bathroom design, it is perfection.I would kill for a big shower like that , I would rip out TODAY the tub and put in a shower of course I would have to get me a new non bath taking husband, I hate baths he loves them, what can you do.
    P.s. The soapstone looks fab, good choice, it will get better with use.

  4. Thanks Chris. Neither of us are bath people so it was a no brainer for us.

    As you can see, our space was quite limited (about 5 feet by 10 feet) so we our space splurge was the double sink which worked fine for the long narrow space.

    More important than having my own sink was having my own medicine cabinet. A home for all my girly crap without it having to mingle with my husbands junk :)

  5. Dream Bathroom. It is to die for, and I too am so jealous of the shower... It's actually like a higher-rent/twice as big version of the bathroom in our apartment (similar colors, etc), which was meticulously re-done by the previous owner. He was a bit OCD and restored it to exactly how it would have looked in 1901, basically, so we have a clawfoot tub as our sole shower, which is annoying to say the least, since we never take baths and I nearly kill myself climbing out of the tub every morning. It looks fab, though! (And don't you have a clawfoot for baths in another bathroom?)

    Anywho, I LOVE this bathroom and cannot wait to see it kitted out with fluffy towels and orchids!

  6. Beautiful bathroom - I love everything about it. We're currently having ours renovated, and my husband has one of your pictures TAPED to the hallway wall as an added measure that the contractors won't f the tile up more than they already have.

    I cannot wait until they're finished and out of my house - and it's only the bathroom - so I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have them in every room!

    It's two steps forward, one back - our experience, anyway.

  7. Absolutley stunning!! I just found your blog today and each post has amazing decorating pictures. I can't wait to see the after shots when everything is complete.

  8. Thanks ladies.

    Kate - I can't imagine this bathroom is twice as big as anything. Its only 5x10. Spacious by my standards but positively tiny by most non-nyc standard. Yes, I have a clawfoot in the downstairs bathroom (that room is no where near finished). I'll do a post on it when its done but I put the clawfoot in there for mostly sentimental reasons rather than bathing reasons. Its not a very practical shower.

    Tricia: How cool. What photo did you use? I'll say getting to this was not easy. This bathroom in particular had loads of time spent in it getting everything just right. And its still not perfect but good enough for me.

    Hillcrest - Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Ok, not quite twice as big. I think ours is 6 by 6!

  10. The picture we used shows the shower wall and the built-in inside the shower.

    I LOVE your vanity, but it is out of our price range - damn that RH for cornering the market on tasteful bathroom pieces! Everything else we saw was way too gaudy for our taste. Like you, we have a bathroom where space is at a premium, so we were somewhat limited.
    Instead, we're doing two pedestal sinks with an apothecary cabinet in between.

    Pretty much all of your tile photos have been shown in one way or another to our contractor. As I've mentioned before, something tends to get lost in the translation...

    May I ask, where did you get the shower doors made? We've only gone to one place, and I nearly fainted upon hearing the price!

  11. Tricia - I love the look of two pedestals. I have a page torn out of some mag that had a master suite configured that way and it looks really chic and beautiful.

    I don't know exactly how much the shower doors cost as it was part of the contractors costs. I paid for them indirectly. I do know they are very expensive b/c they have to be custom made for the space. If you don't mind having a frame and don't need a custom size, those are much less expensive and can be bought at Home Depot/Lowes.

  12. Mrs L- I found your blog thru gardenweb- I am in love with your bathroom- i want to marry it, seriously! Would you be possibly willing to share your tile brand?
    I, too will be taping a picture of your bathroom, in our bathroom, as a sign that yes, it can be done! Hope you don't mind:)

  13. Hi ehwalt - thanks for reading. Sorry, the tiles I bought were fabricated by the tile store I purchased them from. At least thats the impression I get. No brand name on box or on the tiles. The tiles were purchased at Classic Tile in brooklyn, ny.

  14. sorry i should have been more specific, i was wondering about the floor tile. was that also a "generic" for lack of a better word?

  15. Yes, I was referring the floor tile. Its marble basketweave that was fabricated by company I purchased it from. You likely have some local stores that do the same thing.

    The wall tile was Florida tile I believe. It was the cheapest subway tile they had.

  16. I would have never thought to ask the tile store about something they might fabricate themselves- I'm off to the tile store on Sat. Thanks for letting me know and i look forward to ogling your home in future posts:)

  17. That bathroom looks really nice. Can I ask how the shower feels, space wise? We also have a 5 x 10 bathroom, with shower and toilet in the same exact spots you have, and I planned on having a 3' wide shower, not 32". Also, any concerns with banging the shower door or door handle into the wall, and where do you keep bathtowels?


  18. Our shower stall is plenty wide. I was concerned about the same thing when we were laying out it but it feels positively huge compared to a regular tub shower.

    The shower door has a handle so I can only open it about 90% of the way. That works just fine as I only naturally open it about 50% of the way to get in.

    We have a towel hook on the wall near the shower door (above where the shower door swings) and a towel bar on the other side of the door. It would be nice to have space to put more towels on this side of the room but the rod+hook hold 3 towels which is enough.

  19. Thanks for the info. That answers a lot of my concerns with the layout in our bathroom. I think I can steal back 4" from the shower and put in a larger vanity now. Now if we can just figure out what tile to go with ...

  20. Hi -

    I just love your bathroom. I followed your blog on BStoner and are now renovating a bath in a 90-year old house in Pelham. I'd love to do something similar to yours in my master bath (ok, blatantly steal what you did). Any chance you could provide the names of your fixtures? I know your vanity is RH but everything else I am having trouble tracking down. Thanks!

  21. Hi Doug - thanks for stopping by.

    Pretty much all the fixtures in here are from RH. They are having their bath sale now so you can get pretty much everything here on sale. The only thing not from RH is the exposed shower which is made by Sign of the Crab and ordered online.

    Hope that helps!

  22. Love this renovation! I have a similarly sized bathroom and we're planning on doing the same layout - can I ask, how do you like having the shower controls on the same side as the door? That's how ours will be set up, unless I want to spend big $$ getting plumbing in the opposite wall.... I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!


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