Where art thou lovely headboard?

I saw this headboard in (of all places!) a JcPenney catalog about a year ago. It would be perfect if the frame were dark wood. It would seem to me that something in an advertisement like this should be pretty easy to find. But I am clearly wrong because I can't locate it despite looking at every source I can think of. I even emailed JCP to ask them if they could point me in the right direction. Whoever was on the reading side of that email must have had a good laugh and then quickly pressed the delete button because I never even got a response.

Any chance that anyone has seen this headboard before or its dark wood cousin?

Testing the Drapes for bedroom
In other bedroom triumphs, I picked up some curtains that will do to cover my bay windows. They aren't the $450/panel silk taffeta beauties from Restoration Hardware that I lust after but they will do the trick without breaking the bank. They are the right color blue with a thin gold pin stripe, inverted pleats and a polyester that looks close enough to silk if you squint your eyes and stand 20 feet back. Linen and things is selling them for $50/panel.

I really have to learn how to sew.


  1. Your drapes are lovely, and the price is right! It is so hard to find good prefabricated drapes and custom is sooo horribly expensive. They will suffice and be lovely!

    P.S. Sorry I can't help on the headboard! There is a gal named Sarah at http://www.freshpalette.blogspot.com/ who is very good at recognizing things and where they are from. I will email her and ask her if she recognizes the bed to email you.

  2. FYI - I similarly lusted after the RH curtains, until I found a seller on Ebay whom I love, love, love! I have outfitted my entire first floor in his silk draperies. They are incredibly well-made, fully lined and weighted. I wanted them to pool on the floor a bit, which doesn't look right if they're no quality, in my opinion.

    The seller is "kirtins", and I have inverted pleat draperies in both butter, which is a regal-but-not-tacky buttery-gold, and whatever the burgundy color is called.

    LOVE the quality and price. Hung with RH hardware, you'd never know the difference.

  3. Thanks terri. Thats very sweet of you. Let me know if you have any luck.

    Tricia - thanks for the source. I'll check her out.

  4. Anonymous1:29 PM

    If you aren't completely committed to your drapery selection I would contact the silksupplyco.com in Sterling Virginia. They do absolute custom, choice of pleat style, lined and interlining are included in real silk fabric at @250.00 a pair, not per panel. They do COM and carry many lines of designer fabrics. They are small family owned business that does it's sewing in house in about two weeks. Good luck, p.s. Love your blog.

  5. Thanks anon. I check them out for other window treatments I'll need. Their site isn't very user friendly - I guess they want people to come to their store but thats not exactly easy to pop in from Bklyn. Their website says that their taffeta panels START at $393/pair. Since I need long length and want inverted pleats, Im guessing the price would be even more. Im sure thats a good price but not worth a drive to VA for me.

  6. Hi. Love your blog. Re: the headboard. Check out www.studioannetta.com She's recently posted a 3 part series on headboards - maybe you will find something similar.

  7. Have you heard of a shop in Brooklyn called Nova Zembla ,117 Altanic Ave , they carry upholstered pieces from Cisco Brothers, it looks like they have some really great pieces.

  8. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Hi, You have certainly provided me with a lot of great ideas (we renovated our kitchen this past Fall) and LOVE the work on your home.
    As for the headboard - many upholstery places will design custom headboards and there are many in your area. There is one site that may be able to help you and their prices seem to be easy on the $$$. http:www.bedroom-furniture-direct.com (I hope I got that right); also Tribeca Upholstery & Draperies Inc or Patrick Mackin Custom Furniture Inc. Best of luck - can't wait to see more... Bev

  9. Hello, Terri e-mailed me and I am going to see what I can find! I love this kind of challenge. I will look into it tonight.

  10. Thanks Notting Hill - I don't think any of the headboards she posted fits the bill but thanks for suggesting her blog. She has some beautiful inspiration photos.

    Chris - Never heard of it but Atlantic Avenue isn't too far. I'll check them out. Thanks for the suggestion. Is there anywhere i can see Cisco Brothers furniture pieces online? (their website doesn't have many details)

    Anon - Thanks for the suggestions. Ill check that site out. I don't want to get into having anything custom made though. Im all burnt out on having to write up specs.

    Things that Inspire - Thanks so much!! Im hope you can find what seems to elude me :)

  11. Here is a company that sells unfinished furniture, most of it in French style. They have a lot of beautiful headboards, some of which have the same look and feel as what you are interested in. I have my eye on one of their headboards, but I think it is quite expensive considering the fact that it is unfinished; it would need to be painted or stained, then upholstered on top of the price of the headboard and shipping.

    The prices are all over the map, though, so you might see a headboard that is more reasonably priced. You have to e-mail to get prices, but they respond quickly.


  12. Thanks. Those are beauitful pieces! Unfortunetely, I don't have the time/space/transport to do a project like this. It would have to be mailed to me and then I would have to schlep it to an upholsterer and back home. That would be kind of tough on the subway :)

    I wonder if they deal with someone who finishes for them?

  13. Ohhh what a wonderful headboard! I have no idea what the source is but will be watching from the sideline with great interest :o) Love the color of your new panels...they are gorgeous!Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Your bay windows are very similar to mine (in fact your whole house is very similar to my recently purchased fixer uppper and your blog has been a big source of inspiration and ideas). Are you planning to put your curtain rods inside the window frame or place them so they hang above the top of the frame?

  15. Good point! Here in Atlanta, everything is car/SUV oriented, so it is easy to schlep things around and take them to a specialty painter, then take them to an upholsterer. I have a few ideas where to find something similar, I will give it some thought. Tomorrow is a crazy day, but I will look into it tomorrow night. I love a challenge! It also helps that I have been looking for a headboard for years.

  16. Just saw a similar headboard at a junktique shop in Nashville...but it was twin! Happy Valentines Day!

    kari & kijsa

  17. I love the bed you show, but haven't seen it for sale. Allthough I have seen similar i interior magazines.
    I also love the curtains, blue just is so appealing to me!

  18. things that inspire: thank you SOOO much for helping.

    s: Do you have a blog? Your profile is blocked.

  19. Try this website:
    They have some gorgeous headboards similar to this one.
    Hope it helps!

  20. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Whether it's Valentine's Day or the middle of the year, adding a little romance to your bedroom by adding some bedroom furniture is something that is worth doing all year round. One easy project that will add ambiance is to make your own headboard. And, it's easier than you might think! One of the many reasons we absolutely love this project is that for each and every bedroom collections in your home you get to choose the fabric, color and style that fits the room and the mood you are looking to create. All fabrics work from cotton, to linen, velvet, even silk! If you're in the mood to get creative you can even try something different like fake fur, leather, denim, or even vinyl!

  21. I know I'm uber-late to the party, (and you may have already found this on your own, or learned to sew since 2008!) but I thought I'd point you in the direction of Young House Love's no-sew curtain tutorial. They look great, and not a stitch in 'em.

    Here's the curtain post with overview:


    And here's a step-by-step on how to use the hem tape:


    Have fun . . . :o)


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