General malaise

Im living in a sea of boxes, to-do lists and decisions to be made. I haven't loss my motivation totally - Im still thinking up things I want to do and getting ducks in a row. But when it comes time to actually clean, unpack, organize - I just want to take a nap!! I guess this is to be expected but I really need to get myself going because living in a sea of boxes is downright depressing. Ok, vent over.

I have a day off Friday and Im going to use it to do something practical and useful in the house. No more daydreaming of wallpaper and yet to be purchased furniture. Time to get going on the things I can take action on NOW!
Speaking of - I have this painting. Its another one of my fathers. I don't know how its possible but I totally forgot about it as it languished in my in-law's basement. We moved it over last weekend. I don't love it like I love the girl painting you see above it but its still too nice for it to be hidden. But where can I put it? The only walls where it would fit is in the hallways (which are narrow so Im concerned about making it feel more closed in than necessary) or above my bed (which makes me worried it will fall on my head in the middle of the night). Thoughts?


  1. What a gorgeous painting! I think it would be perfection above a bed.

  2. This may sound silly, but I don't hang anything heavy over the head of my bed. I once had an entire shelf come down in the middle of the night. What a scare. Not to mention a sea of framed photos crashing onto the bed and floor. It was a really stable shelf when I was putting things on it (an old apartment), and seemed to be on the studs and everything, but it came down in the night. I guess I got a lesson!

    The painting is lovely...just not over your sweet head!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful work you are doing! You photos are inspiring.

    I got your comment on my blog. If you email me at I will email you the file and hopefully you will be able to view it larger.


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