Table update: Bummer!

After the last table post, I was pretty convinced that I should just spend what it costs to have this table repaired and whatever I didn't like about it, I could easily work around considering there was so much I DID like.

We had a local furniture refinisher come by and he seemed to be very knowledgeable. Long story short, it would cost somewhere in the $1500 range to have the top repaired/refinished, the whole table made to be a darker color and to have 2 leaves made. We could bring that down closer to $1200 if we had the leaves made without the decorative apron but that would look pretty weird when extended (and I didn't want to always have to use a table cloth!). Either way - major ouch! We got another estimate and the price was about the same. So I have to assume that at least by NY standards, the price is in the ballpark of reasonable.

We've put ourselves on a self imposed spending freeze for a while so we planned to live with it like this for a while before we sent it off to be refurbished. After all, we won't be having much company until we have chairs anyway :)

Earlier this week, the Restoration Hardware chairs I ordered a few months ago arrived. Woo-hoo.
Restoration Hardware Chair
I totally heart them. Not the greatest photo but the fabric is slightly nubby so it looks not quite new but still very polished and pretty.

Anyway, once I had the chairs I noticed something that I really should have seen before.
Dining Table Legs Closeup
Those curvy wooden pieces at the base of the table - they prevent a chair from being placed there! So in its current state, this huge table can only seat 4 people!!! Even with the additional leaves, that would only let us sit 8! It was one thing when I was dealing with a slightly too big table but its quite another to have a too big table that only seats only 75% of our family on Christmas day. So I think we have no choice but to get a new table.

We're not going to be having any dinner parties anytime soon and its plenty big for us to use for now. But we'll eventually have to come up with another solution.

Im pretty sad about it actually. It feels wrong to get rid of it in place of something new but I can't think of any other option.


  1. hi, long-time lurker, first-time poster, love the blog! :)

    I guess it's too big to use in your office as a desk? It would make a great crafting surface, since the top's not in super shape. Or maybe you could use the legs for a pool table down in the basement man-cave?

    I guess you could always try to sell it + put the $$ towards a new table.

    The reno's been amazing -- thanks for sharing!

  2. we've been using a less than perfect old farm table as an office desk these past many years and I love it because I don't feel bad beating it up AND it's larger than a regular desk surface so I have plenty of work room. Is there a place you could make use of it in the house elsewhere? A writing table in the guest bedroom? It would be such a shame to get rid of it altogether, but if you have to you should definitely try to sell it on ebay or craigslist. i'm sure someone would give you *something* for it.

  3. Its probably not clear from the photos but this table is really big. Its too big to even get through the hallway into the other floors no less actually have a space to use it elsewhere. Id love to make it a desk but that would be even MORE expensive b/c it would require so much cutting and changing. There isnt another place in the house that this would fit as is.

  4. Desk! Paint it a great light color, white or a pale green and top it off with a glass top, use it as a desk!

  5. Hi Mrs. Limestone,

    I have viewed your photos many times on gardenweb and I just adore what you have done!

    I value your opinion and am wondering if you can help me. I posted my quandry on gardenweb at

    Basically I am deciding what flooring to do in my mudroom/pantry and laundry rooms. Whatever I decide will have to flow with the hardwood in the kitchen and the carrera and black theme in the bathroom. Assuming that you do read my posts, etc. and give this some thought . . . please do not feel constrained by the ideas I've had thus far. Please let me know what YOU would do . . . the sky's the limit. I totally trust your opinion.

    Thank you for your time,


  6. Ok, if you can't use it as a desk.
    This may be sacrilege but... what if you used the top as a headboard your looking for. You could add an upholstered section to the center with some trim. And refinish only the exposed section to whatever shade of stain you like. (That's what I'd do but I'm WONKY)

  7. Patricia - its way too big to even fit in my office no less be a functional desk.

    Judy - Thats sweet of you to say. Ill check your post tonight.

  8. london calling - thats a really cool idea but its not the right size for a headboard. (too small if it just use half, too big to use the whole thing)

  9. why dont you take the legs off of it and use it as a dance floor when guests come over:)
    i'm sorry it didnt turn out as expected- but I heart your chairs and totally support the purchase of a new table. Worst case have a buffet so that no one will be seated at the table and just use it for serving for the time being-
    and have at least one romantic dinner for you and mr. limestone before new table comes into picture.

  10. That is too bad isn't it . We never use our 8 seater dining room table but for a buffet , with lots of youngish kids we tend to spend big dinner casually . But that's me.
    The chair is so pretty.
    I would saw that sucker in half length wise and remove the bendy bits of the bottom and attach it to the wall for a desk, that's for sure , but I wouldn't put the money into refinishing it but buff it up with wax and enjoy , I would buy it from you if we lived near buy.

  11. Oh I forgot , do you like your new fridge?

  12. Oh man, I'm sorry it's not going to work out! I wish I had a place for it, as I think it's totally lovely. It would make a beautiful library table, but alas, I think I'm about 10 years away from having the moolah to convert our barn into a summer living room/library.

  13. What a shame! It looks so pretty from your pictures.

    On another note, I have so enjoyed looking at your older posts but I forgot to extend an invitation so that you could view mine (I recently went private). Please just email me if you do!

  14. Did you design your own banner "Adventures in renovating a Brooklyn Limestone" thing yourself?'s genius...when I first caught site of it, I already knew your blog wasn't going to be one of those dissapointing "faux paint techniques and some thomas kinkade wallpaper border" decorating blogs...know what I mean?

  15. Im going to measure to see if its even possible that I could cut it down and use it as a desk. Im pretty sure the answer is no but I guess no harm in checking. I do need a desk. I was thinking of something a little more storage friendly than this but if it works, Ill make storage elsewhere.

    Chris - Im pretty happy with my fridge. We have some sort of problem with the ice maker working when the water filter is installed but I think thats b/c my husband didn't read the directions before trashing them. I must look into it myself.

    Kyle - Thanks. Not a Thomas Kincade or faux paint technique to be found in my house :) I did do the banner myself although now that the house is no longer "run down" I think I might need to change it.

  16. If it's not usable in the house and you're not sentimentally attached to it, maybe you can use it outside as a patio table? You could paint it or lacquer it to make it weather-resistant? Just a thought.


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