Making of home office (part 2)

Let me just say right now that this "series" of office posts will have lots of chapters. You are now forewarned.

Problem #1 is that Mr. Limestone has commandeered this room as his own office until we can set up his office. So I'd say its likely more than a month before I can even start setting up.

Problem #2 is that I really don't have a good idea of how I'm going to lay everything out. Space is tight and I really want it to look chic and be very functional. I know, oxymoron.

So in an effort to spark some creative ideas about how best to set it up, here is a little montage of office inspirations.
Office Inspiration

I have a few pieces of furniture already like a black rectangular pottery barn desk and a large black framed corkboard. So Im pretty set on black to go against the teal walls but I really need help with the layout. The internet hookup is in the middle of the left wall so I'd prefer to keep the desks somewhere there so the wires can stay hidden.

Any suggestions for me on how best to arrange?


  1. I think the wall on the right is the obvious choice for your desk , you don't want to walk into the side of a desk, because I am sure you will have it so stylishly set up and organized.

  2. I think the right wall would make the most sense but the connections are all on the left wall. And I HATE to see wires everywhere. So I think I may have to have it on the left hand side somehow.

  3. Anonymous3:06 PM

    It's 8 feet wide by how long? I didn't see the depth on the blueprint...

    (My office is....I think 6 feet by 8 feet. Minsky!)

  4. Its about 11 feet long.

  5. Can't wait to see your results...thank you for your tips!!!!

  6. We're so glad you continue to post even though your renovation is largely complete. It's been great to watch your home come to fruition. Your posts--especially the redux posts--really provide hope and inspiration to people like us who are in the early stages of a (live-in) renovation. As for home offices, I work out of a home studio and find it difficult to arrive at an ideal set-up. For my workspace, chic is not even in my lexicon, but I've found clean-lined storage to be crucial for my sanity. Of your pictures, I think #3 is best.

  7. Love the top right photo - a long built in is really great, and shelves like that also for easy access.
    File Cabinet is key unless your files are all on line.
    Yes, I agree the door opens to the left so that would not be good to have it on that side, but you could have a desk with your computer, printer on that side.
    You could have the desk facing the door, which is good with shelves flanking the window and bulletin board to the left, by the desk, That seems like the best energy spot.

  8. I had the same problem with wires in my master, I just ran them under the trim and carpet , can't do that with wood floors, pve idea sounds good.

  9. I really should have thought about how I was going to set up this room before I put the cable lines on the left wall...but it was the last thing on my mind at the time. So now Im paying the price for not planning ahead. Oh well.

    I like your idea PVE. Do you think it might be too confining to have the desk jutting into the room that way?

  10. We have a similar office space (size and layout) and the third photo is similar to the built-in design we ended up using (you can see my blog for the almost finished room). We had only one electrical outlet on the left wall and the cable/internet jack on the right wall. We ran the wires to the desk and then cut out big "grommets" in the desktop in opposite corners. This way, the wires run under the desk...wires on our desk from lamps or the laptop only run about two feet before they pop down into the grommet. As well, we ran a power box from the outlet and mounted it to the underside of the desktop. That way, you could have many things plugged in under the desk, but visually only see one wire going to the outlet. There is very little visual clutter if you make use of grommets.

    Layout wise, I agree, build the desk on the right wall. Though if you had the desk facing the door, you could add a mix of open shelving and closed cabinetry to the right of the window.

  11. I love the idea of built ins but that is not in the budget or plans for now. Anything I do has to be something I can buy.

  12. Forgot to add that your office is looking really good Wanderluster.

    We do have very similar layouts but pulling the wire across the room like that would drive me insane. Im pretty anal when it comes to wires hanging out. And since the jack for the cable is right smack in the middel of the wall, it would be very obvious even if I was able to hide the trailing wires themselves.

  13. How about our totally ghetto solution to the cable wires being literally 20 feet from our TV: we used Super Glue and tucked the coaxial cable into a cove on our baseboard molding, then touched it up with the paint color. It is literally invisible.

    And totally ghetto. But it works!

  14. But how do I cover the box itself with the wires sticking out of the wall? I could deal with some neatly tacked wires around the baseboard but I don't want there to be a big ass set of cables sticking out of the wall in the middle of the room. I'll have to take a photo so you can see what I mean.

  15. OIC what you mean. Lean a large mirror against the wall in that spot? Hee.

    Alternately, it's actually quite inexpensive to have the cables re-run, depending on what's beneath/above the space. Heck, you probably know someone who would do it for free?

  16. I see the problem, but I think it will be ok to have the desk on the left wall (it's not THAT close to the door). On the right wall I would put either Pax wardrobes og Billy shelves. Later you can build them in so they look custom made. I have done that in my office, with both pax and another shelf that is similar to Billy. I', very happy with it.
    I love the desk and cork board, btw. I'd really like something like that cork board myself.

    Anyhow, have a great Saturday.

  17. I'm so excited, I think our rooms are similar in size and we're working on the same room!

  18. So excited. I am painting swirlies on my door in my office (similar to what's on my blog). Should be interesting :-) Looking forward to seeing what you do :-)

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  20. i have created many office/study spaces in the various nyc and now westchester apts.

    I LOVE bookcases of varying heights which work very well to help define space and also as good adaptable storage. I get mine at Gothic Cabinet Craft and have for over 20 years. Very well made and good price and delivery etc.

    My current apt is a railroad with the two inner rooms lacked a fourth wall. (ie open space as you walk by. So i used my many bookcases (you dont really want to know) and created the fourth wall with a "door" which my GREAT carpenter put a folding louvred door to close off.

    In the bedroom its one layer of bookcases so the back acts as the back of the "dressing room" with the loft bed above.

    In the study the bookcases are doubled so that there is a set on the inside of the study .

    the bookcases created a hallway so you walk from the front room to the back of the apt. And i can close them off!

    I love organizing spaces and making things fit. Let me know if you want more help.

    oh and a desk "jutting" out can help create a space too - not all rooms need to have an open middle.

    there are so many ways you could make this work!

  21. Thanks so much for everyones've given me some good ideas to get started. I guess I need to just start arranging things and see how it goes. But Im not good at lifting heavy things :)

    Long story but the cables can't be re-run easily. I won't go into all the boring details but trust me. Live and leran I guess.

    Sogalito - I'd love your help with the room. How would you suggest I arrange the furniture? I do have four walls here so I don't need to seperate any space. And I don't think the room is large enough to handle a huge wall of furniture...i feel like it needs some blank space as well. But other than that, Im at a loss.


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