Please stand by...

Sorry, I don't have anything new to share with you today. I usually try to do one house related thing whenever I have free time but life got in the way this weekend.

But the good news is that my wallpaper arrived so I can start figuring out a way to affix it to the back of the shelves in the built-in. One problem I wasn't expecting was that the roll isn't as wide as I thought. Yes, I should have read the dimensions but I just assumed it would be wider. So I think I may lay it out horizontally instead of vertically (to avoid seeing the seams running down). More to come.

And the Walmart bedding I ordered has arrived! Its definitely cream rather than white but the pattern is most definitely black rather than charcoal. Oh can still work. I'll wash it this week and see how it looks on the bed. Oh and must buy pillows!

Lastly, I got all the materials together for my moving announcements. I had big plans to do something really elaborate using wood veneer and custom made pens but I've scraped that idea totally for something a lot more simplistic. Should do the trick. Its probably better to send out something plain soon than something really "unique" in 6 months. ha

So please stand by - more to come soon!


  1. I would advise Elmer's Craft Adhesive. Can't wait to see it all!

  2. P.S. I hope you still have my address!

  3. Tara - I don't want to attach the wallpaper to the bookshelf as I know I'll be sick of it in a few years. I want it to be temporary. Im going to try that blue tacky stuff and see how it goes.

    Laura - What do you mean about your address?

  4. Looking forward to it! I was tagged by My Notting Hill to answer some questions on a post. We are supposed to tag 3 other blogs. As one of my favorite blogs I thought I would tag you if your interested. No worries if you are not. Smiles, LC

  5. Hi, I love your house as I said so many times before. That's why I'm curious what you think is the BEST and PEST about your house. Read the challenge on my blog.

  6. I need to see whatever you're making. Chances are, caulk will work also ;-)

  7. Sorry all - Ive been working late everyday so I haven't had a chance take photos of anything. But Im planning on devoting all Saturday to house projects so I'll be back this weekend with the goods.


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