Refurbed chair

Realizing I've stolen some of my own thunder with its debut in the last post but I wanted to give the spotlight to the chair I picked up from the re-upholster earlier this week. The place I used is totally out of the way and has extremely surly staff so I figured it couldn't be that expensive. It was just a seat, afterall. Wrong! Close to $200 for this. I think my days of taking things to be reupholstered are over.

Anywho, I am quite happy with how it turned out. Sorry, no before photos of the chair but it was my father's - he bought it at a junk shop and it was pretty worn then his dog slept on it for a few years. So you can imagine.

Very happy with the fabric I picked out. I wasn't so sure since I had to pick in a few minutes (they were closing - see surly mention above) from a 1000 catalogs. I found the fabric for a fraction of the cost they charged me online. I may have to buy some of this for other uses.

This chair will probably live in my office when I ever get around to setting it up.


  1. It is really beautiful, a great example of why I do my own thing though I am very frugal. Did they repaint it too?

  2. You have skills I don't possess. I have reupholstered other chairs that are just a simple seat but anything that requires welting and sewing is far outside of my comfort leve.

    It was already in pretty good shape in terms of the paint so thats a good thing. It has a few knicks in the legs but nothing a little touch up can't cure.

  3. L-O-V-E it! It looks great...but I think that price is crazy. Just got some quotes today for the slipper chairs we are redoing They came in at 170.00 a piece. But it is a different part of the country. Maybe I should jump on that price though!

  4. I agree - that price is insane. Part of it was for the fabric which they WAY overcharged for. I could have bought my own fabric that would have saved me some. But I blame myself b/c I went there carrying the chair with the expectation that the price would be fair. That was a bit stupid of me. Oh well, its still cheaper than a new chair.

  5. i know i am always surprised by a run down place charging me such high prices...what is up with that?! but i guess if it was a nice place it would cost even more. (and intimidate me :)

    the chair is gorgeous...the bathroom is more than gorgeous. too beautiful for bathing a dog for sure.
    maybe a baby...but not a dog.

  6. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Lovely..what a price tag though...I love where you placed your painting it looks great there.

    Thank you for giving us a peek into your pretty home.

    Kathy :)

  7. Anonymous10:49 AM

    It turned out great! I have the same fabric but in shades of hot pink that I plan to use in the same way :) It's a great pattern.

  8. the chair looks great! They did do a great job of centering the fabric design eventhough they were a pain otherwise.

  9. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I LOVE your home! It's coming together so nicely and thank you very much for sharing. I know that you mentioned in an earlier post that you would rather wait to give out the name of your contractor till everything was finished. I live in WIndsor Terrace and am about ready to go to bids for the renovation of my row house. I would love to hear your final thoughts on your contractor. If you feel comfortable giving out his name I would love to get it. Thanks.

  10. Pays to price and get several quotes, I have a few upholsterers and one that does a fabulous job and always meets my budget!


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