Isn't Monday enough?

As if it being Monday isn't enough, kitty is still missing. I can't even tell you how upset we both are. We're both cursing ourselves for going away this weekend while we both know we would have never stayed home because our cat. He has always returned after a short stroll around the yard so why would this weekend be any different? We've had him for 9 years and he was a just a kitten when we adopted him from a pet rescue in 1999. Kitty - come home.

The new Martha Stewart Living arrived this weekend. I was very excited to see it since it happens to have Ms. Martha against a blue wall that looks just like the color in my office.
And since it was her "color issue" I was hoping for some good ideas. Did I get any? Nope. This issue was particularily disappointing. Anyone who knows me, knows I love me some Martha but her magazine is really getting stale. If I pulled out the ads, the recycled articles and the common sense advice (Oh, i didn't realize primer went before the paint...thanks so much big M), there would be about 4 pages left. Come on people, can we have some fresh ideas and insights please?

Now that I've totally ragged on her magazine, I have to say that this blog post has to be one of the saddest Ive seen in ages. So I'm going to give her a pass this month as she is having a bad April along with me.

Hoping May isn't quite as dreary.


  1. Oh, no! I hope kitty comes home soon =( Our neighbor's cat got out and finally returned after a week (not typical since she's an indoor cat). They still don't know where she went during that time. But stay positive and hopeful =)

  2. Yeah, I wasn't all that impressed with this month's issue either. I get MSL now since Blueprints went under. I liked Blueprints much better. There just wasn't any substance there, KWIM?

    Hope kitty comes home soon.

  3. Oh dear, I hope your kitty comes back. That is devastating! I feel so worried for you (and him). :(

    I know what you mean about Martha. Real Simple is getting the same. The same old dumb articles and ideas for organizing with clothes pins, or other silly things. I think we are inundated with design and crafty info and everything starts to look stale after a while. It always amazes me when new looks and designs are created when it seems like everything is so DONE.

    Positive thoughts for your kitty's return. I have an orange tabby too and he sends his love also ; )


  4. Thats true - Real Simple is the same stuff rehashed everytime as well. Its very frustrating since Im still a magazine addict but I'd really love some new ideas!

  5. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Yeah, I was kind of excited about the advertised "color issue" since I'll soon be taking on painting my new house, but when I flipped through the magazine at the checkout line I couldn't even find a mention about color much less any indication that the whole issue was about color. Blah. Was disappointed, didn't buy it.

    And, yeah, Bluelines was generally a better magazine, though Domino was better than Bluelines and people are beginning to complain about Domino now.

  6. Oh God, I just started bawling when I read the Martha Stewart blog post. :(

  7. I didn't renew after the last one. I don't know what to say aside from I sorta saw this one coming?

    Odd. Frankly.

    Let me know how next month's is - I would need a raving review before I renew (inevitably, it's probably only an episode away).


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