Homecoming in more ways than one...

Last night I talked to as many neighbors as would make eye contact with me on my way home from work. Then I got to work on a flyer and Mr. L plastered the neighborhood with them. It's offcial - we are crazy cat people! Its seriously embarassing but I must own up to the truth.

Following our public humilation as cat crazies, guess who sauntered back at 2:30 am last night as if he was never gone? Of course we were over the moon to see him back even at an hour when we should be getting quality sleep. And wouldn't you know it - he wasn't even hungry! Where was he these past 3 days? Kitty ashram? Cat communications convention?

Alas, crisis averted in the Limestone household and all is right with the world.

And speaking of homecoming, I presume its okay to show my moving announcement now. If some people haven't received them by now, they are likely eternally lost in the mail.
My original plan was to do a boxed announcement that included a pen. The pen would have a tag about "making a note" of our address change. I thought that would be cute. But since I didn't want to start on it until we were offcially moved in, I lost all my motivation on other projects. So the scaled down version was born. It turned out okay although I hear the little brass key hasn't been totally sucessful as it sometimes gets loose in the mail. Oh well, it looked nice while it lasted.
I was so very lucky to be blessed with a PVE drawing that really was the star of the announcement if you ask me. I'm going to make some notecards with the drawing as well. Its just too lovely to use only once!


  1. That is so lovely! What a nice touch with the drawing.

  2. So happy to hear that kitty's back! I wonder if he just decided he needed a 3-day sabbatical? =)

    Love the moving announcements! Such a unique design....now I'm all embarassed that all we sent was a mass e-mail, LOL.

  3. glad your cat came home! our kitty l-o-v-e-s this spring weather and I have to force myself to let him stay outside for extended periods. I guess I'm cat-crazy, too.

    the announcements are beautiful!

    and yes, the "color issue" of MSLiving was quite the disappointment.

  4. I so happy that Mr. Kitty came home! A few years ago, one of our cats got out and was gone for 6 weeks. I was heartbroken. He was a pile of bones by the time we got him back but he won't go near an open door for anything now! Congrats to you. I'm glad you are a happy family once again.

  5. Oh, I'm so relieved your cat came home! Your poster was sweet!

    And your announcements - very chic!

  6. I'm so happy for you! Yay! And the announcements are STUNNING!

  7. What a relief that your kitty is back home. That's great news.

  8. wow - those announcements are AMAZING! They look better than any wedding invitation I've ever received! ;)

    Is your cat fixed? If not he may have been out sewing his seeds - During the middle of the night in the past couple weeks I've been hearing many cats in heat - it's spring!

    On a side note - I used Martha Stewart paint in my office in color Soapstone Gray - it's such a great color, I also looked into the color you bought as well - I hope it works out for you!

  9. I'm so happy for you! I couldn't sleep last night, so I was reading your blog, but then the story about your cat made me so upset! I have an orange tabby as well, and it's funny how attached you get. Those moving announcements are fabulous!

  10. Anonymous5:40 PM

    We used to have dogs that weren't friendly with cats, but we'd somehow collect a number of stray cats that would hang out on our lawn so we would keep them fed and watered. We'd usually end up claiming the long-staying strays as our own. We even moved one with us across the state and after a couple of years in the same location, one day that cat just disappeared. We pretty much had to come to the conclusion that she must have passed away. Then about five years later she suddenly pops up one night. We could not believe it. She looked really good, well-fed, well-groomed. Come to find out that one of our neighbors a couple of blocks away adopted her. I like to think this happens to a lot of "missing" animals. Both of my now indoor cats were found on the streets by friends. My brother's current dog was also found walking around on the street just a month ago. I prefer this idea then the idea that they must have all died while missing.

  11. I stumbled upon you blog and am really impressed with your brownstone. You done an excellent job renovating it.

    Yeah for you and the kitty. He's back home safe and sound. What a horrible three days it must of been on the two of you.

    The moving announcements were adorable.

    Have a great day!

  12. I lloooovvveee those announcements so much there are no words! Happy kitty's back home with you. As someone who's a dog owner and in the midst of a home renovation I can offer my opinion...Maybe it was kitty's way of saying, "um...I think I need a break." :-)

  13. I love love love love love the announcements! They're unbelievable - what type of adhesive did you use for the key? I would've used Gorilla Glue for that one ;-).

    I'm totally going to have to have her sketch out my home once my porch is repaired!

    laura - there can only be one "laura" from the central new jersey shore area in this blog at a time, you must find another name as I was here first ;-) (totally kidding).

  14. And thank goodness for the kitty, that must've been truly devastating to have to go through.

  15. I'm happy to hear kitty made it back home safe and sound and all is well in your household again :o) Love your new announcements too!!!!

  16. I'm so happy to hear that your baby made his way home safe and sound. I know how it is to lose a cat...they are truly members of the family...you must've been sick with worry.

    The announcements look fabulous!

  17. Oh I am so pleased for you , I am relieved to here the cat is back.
    Those announcements look amazing.
    Thanks you for your help with my invitations, they were a big hit, I have gotten a lot of comments.

  18. So Beautiful! It turned out better than I imagined. So glad your kitty is home safe and well fed?

  19. So glad your cat returned home! Lovely anouncements as well.

  20. I'm so glad your kitty is home!

  21. fabulous job! i'm loving those moving cards... =) debbie

  22. I am so totally flattered and awestruck by the moving announcement... my illustration,the key was a great touch, the gorgeous paper and all... and i especially love that your cat came home so now you can be the crazy cat person that you were meant to be. Ha!


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