Spring has sprung in my backyard!

Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from the Mr. that our trees had come in and our friend/landscaper was doing our planting. Woo-hoo.

In case you don't remember....it looked like this before.

We already knew our friend had ordered the evergreens for the back wall but we let him do whatever he wanted with the rest. Mr. Limestone took some photos so I could see the results (since it might be dark by the time I got home).

Obviously, it needs a little time to fill in but it looks pretty fab to me. In addition to the evergreens we have some low lying shrubs, a mini japanese maple and swirly plants on stakes on the right and left. I'm not sure what those are called but my first name and married name both happen to start with the letter "S" so I was excited to see those additions. I'll have to inquire about the name of all the plants so I don't sound like an plant idiot forever.

Please send prayers that I don't kill these things. We're assured that these are all very hardy plants but I have a very black thumb!

In addition to the sudden arrival of spring weather in NYC this week, the sudden greening of my backyard definitely makes it feel like summer is around the corner. I really need to paint that iron bench. Hmmm...maybe I should get some flowering containers going as well?


  1. What color are you going to paint the iron bench?

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  3. Nice!!
    One quick question--is the Japanese Maple actually a dwarf species, or just a small tree at the moment? I ask because even though they do grow slowly, the normal version is actually a full sized tree, and may outgrow that space in 10 years or so. If it's truly a dwarf species, though, there's nothing to worry about.

  4. Im pretty sure its a dwarf although Im only going by what Im told...I have no clue about these things.

    (Even if it were a full size, I can't imagine it would ever get to full size with so many other things growing around it.)

    Evidently there is some kind of special thing about japanese maples that people all go crazy for certain types and will buy full grown ones from peoples yards. The japenese maples doesn't seem nearly as cool as the swirly ones to me though :)

  5. Gorgeous! What a wonderful transformation. Your neighbors must be drooling.

  6. So, so beautiful! You must be so excited. Don't you just want to start grilling now...specially with this gorgeous weather!

    teresa (from DecorPad)

  7. Looks amazing, my backyard is a mud pit, but at least the weather is good , and the front yard is in good shape.
    Your space will fill out very quickly I'm sure.

  8. Wow!! What a transformation!! You and the Mr. are certainly talented!

    To answer your question about my papered cabinet backs, the scrapbook paper I used comes in 12x12 sheets, so I basically just pieced them together...very amateur really. As for my top shelf, I used chocolate-brown paper, as the dishware I display there is a red transferware pattern, and it wouldn't have looked good with the red.

    Hve fun with your lanscaping!

  9. I have just decided that henceforth I shall sign every correspondence "A hug.". Something so tidy and efficient and warm about that.



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