Another weekend down, another project partially finished...

No pictures to share but I'm just about finished with my moving announcements - yippee. I had planned to do something of a little mailing that included a pen so people could jot down our new digits in their books. Of course I didn't want to start on it until we were finished with the reno and now I'm too bothered with other projects to do anything that elaborate. What I ended up doing is a lot less exciting than my original idea but at least it will be finished in this decade. Note to self: buy stamps! I'll share a photo next week once I know our friends and family had a chance to receive them.

I never did make it to Ikea so the decision on the Louis style sideboard for my office will have to be delayed for another day. I also realized the sizes of the frames that Ikea makes aren't quite right for the Chanel poster. I could have a large custom mat made which would be half way between a custom frame job and a smoosh into Ikea frame. Decisions, decisions.

As for the living room/music room, Ive sent off a request to find out where my couch and chairs are. The max delivery time is still a while away but I'm hoping they can be finished sooner. I'd really like to be able to sit down in my living room! Also, I think Ive been convinced to wallpaper the middle tower. For those curious why I don't want to paper the shelves that have doors - I like the asymmetry plus the paper would be barely noticeable once the doors were shut and the shelves had their wares on them. So as soon as I find my books, I'll change the shelving heights and paper the middle too. The first day it was up, I wasn't so sure if it was all too busy but now its really grown on me. I think it can handle more paper.

We have a lot to do this weekend so I don't think I'll get a chance to paint the guestroom desk and nightstand. But I do want to pick up a mirror to hang over the desk (which was suggested by a few of the commenters so thanks very much for the idea!!!). Not only is it practical but it should achieve a little more sparkle in the room reflecting the light from the chandelier.
I found this one at Lowes this weekend but left to think it over. Its only $45 so it seems like a good buy. What do you think?


  1. LOVE the mirror! It has a sort of French feel to it which I think really works nicely in this room and even better, it definitely looks much more expensive, than $40! I'm one of the ones who thinks a mirror will look fab in that spot so I say full speed ahead.

  2. Oh wow I love the mirror picture you have displayed in your picture even I love the way u expressed about your feelings about shelving.

  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I like the mirror. Not too busy but it has some interest.

    Re. framing, the Ikea frames are all off sizes. I took a large Ribba frame to a frame shop and had them mat and mount a print for me using the frame I provided--it saved me a lot of money over total custom framing, and you can see the results are good:
    Rothman print
    (There are two other shots in there, too.)

  4. Thanks Kingstreet - I was thinking the same thing.

    Katek - That what Im hoping. Do you mind sharing how much the custom matte cost?

  5. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I think having them cut the mat and mount the print was....$50-60? So with the frame it was $80-90 to frame that big print. I got a couple paintings framed at the same time and for TINY custom frames it was more that $150 each, GAH.

  6. I agree with katek on the framing...I just bought frames at Michael's Crafts (almost always 50% off frame sales), and ordered mattes there cut to the size of my art (buying the frames there was a bonus to help match "on the spot"). I'll have to check the price.
    p.s. I love your blog....I'm a new home owner/renovator (& even newer blogger of) so it's hugely inspiring!

  7. What a bargain. I love mirrors, and round or oval are good because they keep the love flowing. Never place facing a door, as you want the energy to flow in and around, not out.
    I too would love to sit in the chairs...and drink a cup of Marie Belle Cocoa with you, Merci ma belle!

  8. I like the mirror a lot...I think it'll give your desk a sort of vanity feel.

  9. I love it!
    It's classic and at the same time, cheap!Buy it!I would!

  10. I LOVE IT!!!! Go for it. Now I want to run to Lowes to get one. I've been looking for a mirror. Hmmm....

  11. looks like a great buy - go for it!

  12. Alright, I do not want to spill the beans, but what a fabulous, gorgeous moving card.
    I am impressed and in awe to be a part of it!
    See good Karma!

  13. Love love love love the mirror. I cannot say enough about frameless mirror. I have one in my guest bedroom and they really are lovely.


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