Im a very bad, no good blogger. Sorry! Things have been crazy this week. But this weekend is devoted to house related little tasks. Most will be boring things like unpacking boxes but there will be a few fun projects Im hoping to get accomplished.

As I mentioned earlier, the Walmart bedding arrived so I must make a voyage to one of my favorite stores, Target, to pick up some high thread count sheet and fluffy pillows to go with.

I think Im going to try to make the gray/black/green/cream color combo work for this room. For some reason, I still can't seem to make it all work together in my mind but Im just going to go for it and see how it looks. Im going to wait until I have some of those colors in the room before I take the real plunge and start painting the desk.

I never have good luck when it comes to finding things at Target that Ive scoped out online beforehand but lets hope my luck changes this weekend. If so, I'll be coming home with a set of gray sheets
a set of cream roman shades
as well as some other goodies like accent pillows.

And totally randomly, I have to share how excited I was to find these melamie bowls in the Martha Stewart section of Macy's a few weeks back. She calls them "taupe" but they are most definitely Silver Fox to me. They are just mixing bowls but I know I'll use them for serving chips and other tasties when and if I ever get the house ready for entertaining.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the room put together , it will look great, I think the colors are perfect, good luck finding those sheets, that always happens to me too, I love Target I should make a trip over the border, I am always amazed with the things they have.
    I have been lacking projects to post as well, its costs too much to keep up , I need a break , don't fret.
    Hope you have a great weekend unpacking and settling in.

  2. Good luck at the Big Tarjay journey!! Looking forward to seeing the end result. I always like everything you do :)

  3. What shade of green are you thinking? I think a kelly or grass green would look really cool but a creamy sagee would look good too.

  4. Target currently has some delicious accent pillows.

  5. visually pleasing to me.
    love those colors, soothing and simply chic.

  6. Anonymous9:34 AM

    It's funny, I have to laugh when I am out shopping & I see something that would "go" with one of your rooms. I get all excited & then I have to remind myself that I don't actually KNOW you, just your blog. Lol. Have fun at Tarjay. Don't forget TJ Maxx!!

  7. Melissa - Feel free to continue to mentally shop for me. Another set of eyes is always a good thing :)


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