Thinking back.

The main reason I started this blog was to force myself to document the renovation. A whole lot of other good things came as a result like all the fabulous feedback I get when Im torn about color or design choices, wonderful ideas from reading other people's blogs as well as just feeling a little accomplished when Im having a glum day. But the primary reason was to document. My plan was to create a little blurb book (or maybe I should use Lulu)of photos and stories when the renovation was done. That way when Im old, I can laugh about how stylish I thought cream colored cabinets and soapstone was back in "my day".

Hmmm...but the renovation is pretty much done now. Do I want a book that ends with a bunch of furniture less rooms filled with piles of boxes? But if I wait until Im truly finished decorating, men will have walked on Mars and we'll all be driving flying cars.

While cleaning up the photos on my computer, I did stumble on some good "before" photos taken right before the construction crew started. I haven't seen them since last year when I switched computers and Im so happy I found them because now I have proper befores for most of the rooms. (I'll eventually do some good before/after posts too)
Parlor Before2nd Floor Kitchen/Office BeforeMaster Bath/Closets BeforeGuest Bedroom BeforeLittle Bedroom Before2nd Floor hallway beforeDining Room/Kitchen Before Dining Room Before
Without these, it would have been hard to exibit the true craptactular vibe the leaking roof, blown out windows and warped floorboards gave the house. Makes the after, no matter how lackluster, seem like something special.

At least Im getting closer to having a semi-finished living room. I've been promised that my couch is being delivered to the warehouse today and I should be able to schedule delivery after that. Woo-hoo.


  1. Did you watch Desperate Housewives of NYC? There was a woman on there, Alex, who lived with her family in a house like yours in Brooklyn. They pretty much moved in without renovating it so when I see your befores they look like her house does. Weird thing is, their kids go to the best schools in Manhattan and they spend oodles of money on designer clothes and opera and such. You'd think they could redo their house! Maybe you can go help them. ;)

  2. I'm awe-struck by how much work went into turning that place into the beautiful home it is today. Please keep your blog going as long as you can.

  3. Thanks Stamford Wife. No plans on giving up the blog..I was just strolling down memory lane.

    Tara - Yes, Ive seen that show. That woman annoys me to no end. Total wannabee. (Even though we share a borough, our homes are quite different)

    I think the show makes it as she is committing child abuse for living in her house but its probably not that bad. Since she rents out most of it so the hallways of rental apartments are always worse than the interiors. Still...her house is nothing to be too proud of.

    She also doesn't send her kids to the best schools in Manhattan. She send them to the local public school. Its a good school and I would probably send my own kids to public school..but this woman is a annoying. She is very unlike most of the people who live here. For one thing, Manhattan socialites simply don't live in Brooklyn.

    Why couldn't they have picked a normal Brooklynite? Although I suppose no normal person would want to be on that show.

  4. You did a wonder thing , or rather many wonderful miracles restoring that old house into a beautiful showpiece you get to call home, from where I sit it is devine and I am honored to have been a able to share in it just a little bit.

  5. I can't believe I just found your blog. It is sooo inspiring. My bathroom looks as frightening as yours. When we bought the house we could hardly get a mortgage on it because it was in such a state of disrepair.

    Seriously, this blog of yours is a service to those of us with more "before" than "after" photos of our own homes. :)

  6. What do you eat for breakfast, cause I think I need to start eating that? I mean some people cannot even achieve what you did in a lifetime. It must be your cereal? Ha!

  7. Your blog is truly inspirational. You have great vision and talent to to match. Looking forward to the continued evolution of your home. Keep on bloggin'!

  8. I love your "before" pictures!!! It looks like the perfect place for an Anthropologie photo shoot!
    Thanks for your comments lately, I responded to the granite one on my blog. Look foward to reading more from you and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  9. Thank you so much for your incredible blog! It inspires me as we are embarking on a renovation journey ourselves!


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