My living room furniture is clearly cursed...

If you recall, right after I ordered my living room furniture, the store declared bancruptcy and went out of business. Great. Then I found another store (ABC Home) that could order the same item for me. Service rude, price higher, payment in full required up front but at least they could get me what I wanted. But that reset the clock at another 16 weeks since they couldn't just pick up the old order. Fine.

After trying to get a straight response for the past several weeks from ABC Home about where my order is, Im told its on the way. And then I got a call yesterday that my couch and 2 "chairs and a half" are ready for delivery. Huh??? Chair and a half?
New Couch on the way...
Does this look like a chair and a half to you?

They ordered the wrong items! Arggghhhh!! Naturally ABC Home has no idea how this happened and they have to get back to me with a solution. But I imagine they won't be calling back to tell me that I can have what I ordered in a flash. At very best it would be another 16 weeks. And do I really want to continue to give business to this company that has done nothing but irritate me? I think not.

Im making a big assumption here that my couch is indeed what I ordered. Who knows at this point. But lets say it is. If it is, the couch is in the lighter swatch pictured here and the welting is done in the dark brown color.

I don't need matchy matchy chairs but I don't want them to be a total clash either. These chairs might be options but Im not too sure. Fabric is going to be an issue. What do you think? Other suggestions welcome.

Edited to add: Well now its offcial - I have the worst luck with this stuff. ABC Home orderd both the wrong chairs AND the wrong couch!!! GRRRR! I refuse to deal with this company anymore so I have to start from scratch on the whole deal. Help - I need a couch.


  1. Wow, who knew ABC would be so untogether?? For the prices they charge, they should have much better customer service.

    I like the chairs. Would you do white? I am an awe of people who get white funiture.. I want it but am not brave enough.

  2. meant to also say I like the second chair better ;)

  3. I know - you would think right? Not only are they expensive but they are beyond rude!!

    No, I wouldn't do white. It would have to be in a color a bit more forgiving and that goes with the couch.

  4. Wow , how awful, I always expect delays with ordered furniture but that goes over the edge.
    I love the first chair option, so classic and pretty, as well as comfortable, the other is a bit trendy I think.

  5. Wow, that sucks big time! I can't believe ABC was so rude.

    You should look at Lee Industries for chairs...they have tons of options and they are reasonably priced. Also, many companies allow you to do what is called a COM (customer's own material) so you can choose and order any kind of fabric you want, ship it to the manufacturer of the chair and they will upholster it.

  6. WTF?! I would be soooo flipping mad, as I am sure that you are.
    I totally can believe that ABC was both rude and incompetent, though. That sums up my experiences with them the one and only time I actually ever bothered to buy anything bigger than a pillow there. Never again!
    So sorry you are going through this!

    The lines of the couch you MEANT to order are actually quite similar to one that is in stock at Restoration Hardware, though, if that is any consolation.

  7. Hee, I just realized that Chair #1 is probably from the same collection I was referring to at Restoration HW.

  8. I think that contacting them and suggesting they give you a discount, free delivery, and quick service for your troubles is worth a try...considering how perfect the couch and chairs are.

  9. I was just considering down to ABC in a week or two because they are supposed to be having a big sale on their carpets p/my Daily Candy alert.

    I like the new set of chairs - esp the feet of the chairs.

  10. take a look at room and board on line, they have great furniture and nice quality. my sister loves her sofas and another friend has one too - they love it as well.

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  12. Obviously I have contacted them and their suggestion of a paltry discount so I can sit around for another 16 weeks hoping they didn't order all of the wrong items (without even an apology!!) is absurb.

    I simply do not undertand how they could make such a big error considering they made me sign in blood that I was sure I wanted x, y, and z and then they proceed to order something totally different.

    I could forgive the mistake if they were even the slight bit professional about it but they are hardly even surprised no less apologetic. Clearly this isn't an unusual event over there. And the only reason I found out about their mistake is b/c of speaking to the delivery service. They don't even check their own orders for accuracy!

    Anyway - onwards and upwards. A new couch hunt begins.


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