My to-do list lengthens...

Sorry, I have no house update today. I didn't do a single thing in the house this weekend since we were in Philly celebrating a friends birthday.

A good time was had by all and I'm glad I got to spend the day in such a beautiful city....
...but I'm feeling terribly guilty for never getting around to my to-do list. Its really getting bad. And looking at what other house bloggers get accomplished each and every day (case in point - check out all the projects that Chris gets to at Just Beachy).

How do you girls/guys do it? Once the work day is over, I don't have the energy to do anything no less something worth posting about it. Then the weekend comes and I have a bunch of other commitments leaving no time to tackle house related projects no matter how small. Come on ladies and gents - lend me your time machines.

Just look at this list and its ever growing membership:
Order glass shelves for kitchen cupboards, have posters framed, wallpaper other bookshelf, steam drapes, hang PVE artwork, paint desk, finish unpacking, find dining room chairs, buy dishes, get living room ready for furniture, choose living room rug, buy furniture for bedroom and office, finish guest room, finish guest bathroom, hang photos, add some container gardens to backyard, etc.. (this list really goes on and on)

What have you done lately? Maybe you can motivate me?


  1. Clearly I have no life, I am raising two kids, and work from home and think about all the stuff I need to change too much because I am here 24 hours a day a lot of the time, good thing I am a home body , thanks for the link .
    You are suffering from burn out , you must be that house was a gigantic project , give yourself a break you deserve it , oh I guess that is opposite from motivation , sorry .

  2. One thing at a time...some of those tasks seem pretty small and one. You'll feel better...and actually most of them seem fun.

  3. I am in the exact same much to do that I end up doing nothing. But your list is really manageable, so I'm going to choose for you: tonight, you steam the drapes. Once you get started, it'll take barely any time at all and then every time you walk by them, you can think about how good they look and how it was worth it. And that will give you the motivation you need to hang the PVE artwork tomorrow night. Seriously, by the time you think of all the reasons not to do it, you could have already had them steamed, so just do it tonight. (now if only I could take my own advice...)

  4. Kyle - Agreed, these tasks aren't that time consuming..I just haven't the will to do it once Im home.

    Chris - It probably is burnout but its annoying me too.

    Metro - Thanks. Ill report back about the drapes. Maybe doing a little thing will get my ass in gear :)

  5. So, how do they look??? If you did your assignment, then you can choose one for me: I need to paint my stair spindles, paint the front door, tape stripes in the entry, hang two framed posters, paint a dresser, call re. getting slipcovers made, look into framing some blueprints, and hang curtains. Ugh!

  6. Sorry to say, I didn't do it. I was working til 10:30 last night so there was no way I was steaming the drapes at midnight. But I will definitely take your advice and get that accomplished this week.

    Im probably not a good person to advice but I think hanging curtains is probably the most bang for your buck. Painting the front door is definitely a huge impact but its more time consuming - more of a weekend project.

  7. i spent an hour in the backyard on sunday and thought i'd pass out. all this house work is hard work. maybe next weekend i'll actually put some thought toward making my house pretty. it's a 3-day weekend, right?

  8. Ok, I tried to steam the drapes. I steamed and steamed and the wrinkles are still there. So guess what - I will have wrinkled drapes. Oh, the humanity.

    CasaCaudhill - Do you know anything about roses? I want to put a bush in my backyard in a large pot but I don't have a clue which one to pick that would work well.

  9. I too wonder how people get so much done... Best of luck in getting back to work!

  10. hi, just stumbled on your blog and here you are in my home town, Philly. We moved away 4 years ago to the wild southwest, and I miss it!
    great blog, off to read more


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