The home decor gods are laughing...

I came home last night to see that a box from Alsto had arrived. Very excited about having my first piece of living room furniture in the house, I unpack it and start to put it together. It went together very simply (it was just a few screws).


And then for the cosmic joke - the glass doesn't fit! Not sure if the table itself was made in the wrong shape or the glass was cut incorrectly but its a non-starter.

My bad luck with furniture is just getting to be legendary.

Thankfully the customer service rep I spoke to was very helpful and has sent another table out to me. I just have to return this one upon its arrival and then - maybe - I'll have a side table.

And a quick word on the table itself: Its nice and does the job and provides a very similar look But up close, its cleary very different than the real thing. The biggest difference is that its not really brass but some other kind of metal patina'd to look like brass. Nothing wrong with that - it was 1/10th of the price. But I figured I'd get that out there in case anyone was considering it and wanted to know more.


  1. Oh no! There's nothing worse than always happens that you realize there's a problem when your at the END of the putting together process. I almost killed someone when the stupid ikea screws were too small on my filing cabinet. Then again, I'm pregnant and hormonal :)

  2. What is going on with you , your beginning to scare me , who's got the curse on you , most people can't furnish rooms because they can't afford to , you just hit every road block other than funds.

    I'm feeling for you .

  3. I am clearly cursed in the furniture delivery arena.

    I definitely don't have unlimited funds but as of now, I haven't even spent that much because everything I order ends up getting refunded. No joke, Ill have owned this house for nearly two years before any proper furniture is here!

  4. No way! I just can't believe you had another "furniture malfunction." Do love the table, though. Hope you get your replacement soon! -Julia

  5. Oh MAN! You really are cursed with regard to furniture. No question.
    That being said, I think it's adorable.

  6. OK, this may be obvious but...Don't send that one back until you open the new one. Maybe the glass will fit on the new frame, maybe the new glass will be cracked or broken? ?? Just have ups hold their pants on while you open the new box:)

  7. rats, what about having a piece of marble cut to put in place. table does look nice.
    I buy vintage and go to tons of tag sales and "trash"drive buys! (freebies are great)
    my kids hide and scream at me. More encouragement to stop!

  8. I thought about the marble but I think the lip isn't deep enough to hold a piece of marble.

    Anyone know how thick a piece of marble needs to be to not crack?

  9. I love love love the table but your link to Alsto doesn't work. What is the web address?
    I agree completely that the marble or some type of vintage/imperfect glass would look beautiful.
    I actually rep. countertop materials so I should realy have an answer to your marble thickness question but I don't off-hand, will try to find out though for sure.
    Love your blog and I'm adding it to my blog roll.
    BTW - your floors are GORGEOUS!

  10. Thanks Meander. Its

  11. Meander - I tried to comment on your blog but it doesn't seem to allow them.

  12. what? no comments? are you serious? oh nooooooo! that would explain a thing or too - I'm gonna look into that!
    thanks so much for letting me know!


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