This is getting ridiculous!

I really am having a hard time believing this but I just got an email from Restoration Hardware telling me they won't be getting my coffee table after all. Opps on their part. WTF??? This is really getting on my nerves now.

Here is what I ordered that won't be coming

Anyone have a suggestion of an alternative?

On the good news side, a replacement lion footed table arrived and its glass insert fits. So I just need to return the original and I'll have a single piece of furniture in my living room. A very weak woo-hoo on that.


  1. WTF is right , I feel so bad for this , ok , its time for you to get out there in the big city and find a one of a kind , possible antique table to your liking, there must be one out there just waiting for you , no ordering , just cash and carry .
    THIs is gettig rediculous, how are we supposed to put up with this , don't you think cleary there is a lot of lying going on when ordering , like sure we can get it , when the damn well know maybe not. it seems 50/50% or in your case 90% problems, there must be some sort of sales person knowledge that we do not have.

  2. Here's one that I just saw at Crate and Barrel. Round though, didn't know if that would work with your floor plan.

  3. Hey Mrs. L...saw your comment on PVE's about a good old disease resistant new dawn roses for your container.....they bloom all summer in full sun and are a beautiful pale pink....??? Give it a try!

  4. I like this one its kinda like the RH one you were getting


  5. Sorry Mrs. L!

    That just means that there is something better out there!

  6. What a huge bummer! I really love that coffee table, too. I'm sad that you won't be giving it a trial run for all us lurkers. I was hoping to get pictures and a full review!
    BTW, thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog. Your home is absolutely stunning and I love reading the play-by-play. I stumbled across your blog a week or so ago and have already read all the archives {just to lay it all out on the table and sound really pathetic}. You are definitely living my dream life.
    We are living in DUMBO for the summer, and plan on moving to somewhere in or around Manhattan next May (we've been thinking about Westchester, but Brooklyn is totally capturing our hearts!). I would love to buy a fixer upper and renovate. It sure looks like a lot of work, but the results speak for themselves.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  7. That is some rotten luck!! You and Chris (Just Beachy) need to go have a drink somewhere and co-miserate!! There are so many frustrations to oredering on-line/over the phone...or even in the shops!!!

    Everything you do turns to gold, though. I am sure this will too!


  8. Chris - I'd love to buy a proper antique but they are hard to come by. And the ones I have found are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. So its back to the drawing board on the new items for me.

    Roxy - Thanks. I have seen that - I do like the shape but the finish isn't quite right. Its a little too industrial for my house.

    Nantucket Mermaid - Thanks for the suggestion...Ill see if they have that at the garden shoppe.

    London Calling - Both of those are really nice but they don't have the aged look Im going for. I know, I know - Im very difficult. :)

    Jennifer, Joi & Linda - Thanks for the words of encouragement and stopping by.

    Jenny - Im clearly very biased but Brooklyn is where its at :)

  9. You have got to be kidding! That's some crazy bad luck you've been having with furniture, Mrs. L! Hang in there. If I were you, I think I'd be ready to give up and live with beanbag chairs and TV trays... -Julia

  10. I wonder. Did RH offered you a $100 gift certficate for their "mistake" and your frustration? Wouldn't that have been a good customer gesture to make? Oh. But then, they would have to be giving out lots of those wouldn't they?
    Good idea to walk away from it for a week or two.
    Lisa & Alfie

  11. Nope - didn't get anything but a weak apology from RH. A bit surprised since Im a pretty good customer of theirs and would have expected at least a phone call to alert me to the problem (rather than a spam mail that I almost missed!)

  12. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I haven't looked at the line in quite sometime, but Bernhart's Martha Stewart collection has some nice glass and metal coffee tables that seemed substantial back when I was looking. Don't get scared off by the Martha Stewart tag...the pieces are substantial.

  13. Anonymous12:59 AM

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