Wing bed head to head revealed

No surprise but everyone preferred the more expensive option. I do too but its quite a big difference in price so I'm not sure if I prefer it THAT much. What do you think?


The bed on the left is the "Luann" sold by Overstock. Its total damage comes to $603 including shipping and tax!! Unfortunately, its a new item so there aren't even any reviews that I can look to for guidance. And obviously, I can't see it in person before ordering.

The bed on the right is the "Archer" sold by Crate & Barrel. Its total cost is $1,597 including tax and shipping. I have seen it in person and its very nice but its a hell of a lot more expensive too.

What would you do?

Update: If the overwhelming preference for the Archer bed weren't enough to sway me, reading up on Overstocks return policy was. If I should not like the bed, I not only have to pack it up and pay to return it myself but I also have find my own carrier who will ship over sized items. That is definitely not something I want to risk so the bed on the left is definitely overruled.


  1. Oh man. I hate to say it, but me the queen of all thing bargains would go with the Crate & Barrell. You know you love it and it's your bed. You'll have it such a long time. For that piece you should get what you really want and be safe. If any problems with it it's and easy return with Crate and Barrell and honestly I like the look better. Which look do you like better. That's what matters.

  2. I too really love the right much much better, but it is really just the dark block thingy on the left that is distracting from the overall look, is it can be removed and smaller black feet in their place than I would go for the cheaper option , that is a huge difference, it really is strange that rectangular block. I bet it can be removed.
    Do you like that bottom piece?

  3. The weird block foot thing doesn't bother me too much. Mostly b/c I know it won't be something that stands out as much in person as it does in this photo. (I don't usually lay on the floor when looking at furniture but the feed didn't even register when I saw the Crate & Barrel version).

    That said, I do think it looks a little bit clunky. But for $1K savings, its hard for me to justify the extra expense.

  4. Can I still go with the one on the right? Maybe save on another item. After all you did go for the "cheaper chicken"(Father of the Bride) when it came to the occasional table.;) Really, when is the next time you are going to buy yourself a bed?

  5. I guess I am the only one who thinks you should go cheaper. I like the color of the cheaper one as well. But if you bought it and hate it can you return it? otherwise the risk of being out $600 dollars on a bed you hate is a huge risk.

  6. I would go for the one on the right. The bed is going to be the biggest piece of furniture in the room and will draw the most attention so it should be something you love. You can go cheaper with other elements in the room (e.g. ebay lamps, vintage side tables, Ikea curtains). I think the lines on the bed on the right are cleaner too and the overall look is more posh.

  7. I think the C&B one is so much nicer. I don't like the one on overstock. I feel like its too bulky. I'm sure there is a similar bed more like the C&B one but less pricey. I'm not sure how I feel about Target, or how you feel, but there are a few options. i liked this, this, and this. And they come in a couple different color options.

    Good luck!

  8. Ok ladies - you have convinced me. I do prefer the one to the right but Im having a hard time parting with the money right now. Ill just hold out until Im sure Ive exhausted all other options.

    Angelica - Thanks. I actually have a bed from skyline in my guest room. I really like the look of the high arched one you posted but Im thinking it might be too much to have two beds that look so similar. Maybe Im over thinking it?

  9. I think it's smart to go with the one you really, why don't you just think of it as money saved from not being able to buy the more expensive sofa.

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  11. Yeah, I think that would be too much of a risk if it were me, especially not being able to see it in person beforehand. I've got my fingers crossed for you that the bed arrives without drama or incident. -Julia ;-)

  12. I think you are smart to save a little longer, and go with the one that stole your heart originally.
    xo Lidy

  13. I would just go with the C/B and not look back (at least try not to). Go with it. It's not for the guest room, ya know? It's your bed.

    Now, take this from someone that bought a 50.00 headboard for my king bed "for now" - for all it's worth. I'm not in the market for bedroom furniture right now, but if I was, I would go for it.

    I do want one of those headboards - similar in style to that NYC apt from my blog. If one of those came strolling by, I would snatch it in a heartbeat regardless of expense. Well, within reason I suppose, but reason is all subjective!

    Hope to see you down the shore this summer at some point ;-)

  14. Yeah, crummy return policies just raise a red flag in my book!

    Why is the more expensive option always the one we gravitate to, even before knowing the price? Sadly for me, it never much matters, as I pretty much have to go with the cheaper alternative for the most part. That's why I am grateful I have a hubby who can make me things. I always say, if it wasn't for him, we'd have no furniture!!

    Keep looking!!


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