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This is a very exciting development here at casa limestone. I know I shouldn't be too excited about ballroom chairs that are just going to be used for special occasions once I get "real" chairs - but I'll take any small furniture delivery as a triumph.
The chiavari chairs have arrived! They look just like the advertising photo above. The paint on the wood is matte which makes them look a bit more plastic than I would prefer (I think a slightly shiny antique brass finish would be nicer but as Ive mentioned before, I think people shun shiny for some reason). Maybe one day I'll add a thin layer of gold leaf?

I ordered from Vision Furniture which took a little longer than promised but then FedEx'd me the chairs when I followed up - so that was a nice touch. At a bit over $50/pop, I really can't beat the price.
Big Table, Too Few Chairs
Sorry for the blurry photo. I wasn't paying attention.

The photo above shows them in place on the table. I was sort of hoping some magical furniture fairies might visit and make the issue with the table base go away but that didn't happen. As you can see, we have a pretty large table but because of the curved table base, it only allows 2 chairs to be squeezed in on either side. That's more than fine on 363 days of the year but on Christmas Day, we have 10+ people to seat. So those few feet on either end of the table that can't have a chair in front becomes a real space waster. Thus, we will need a new table at some point. But Im having a hard time justifying this one leaving. (And yes, I have tried to come up with an alternate use but its way way way too large to even fit half of it in any other area of the house).

But I'll worry about that problem when the weather gets colder. Until then, Im so happy to finally have some chairs. This means we can have people over for a proper, grown up dinner party. Wow, that makes me feel very old.


And until I find permanent chairs and a functional table, this room is as "finished" as its going to get for a while. Yippee!!

And speaking of alternate pieces, Im not quite ready to buy but I found some interesting pieces at ZGallerie. Anyone have an opinion on their quality?


  1. I like it! They look a lot better than you'd expect for $50. Re: Z Gallerie- I've heard mixed reviews (the upholstered pieces hold up well for the price, not so much for the "wood" pieces)

  2. They look great! And what a nice look for the price.

  3. Yeah for you , I a, so glad you can have people over to enjoy your beautiful space, it should be shared.

  4. Wow, $50 per chair? That's a steal! When I was planning our wedding, the venue wanted to charge us $50 per chair just to rent those suckers. Needless to say, we didn't use the beautiful gold chairs for our wedding.

    Can I ask you what color the fabric is on your martine chairs? I'm looking at Lichen (?) damask for my dining room, but I can't tell if it's a blue or green from their website.

    BTW, I posted about the coffee table on DP.

  5. Your new chairs look fabulous and for only $50 a piece?!?!?!!? My dining room table has the same legs as yours and it is a bit crowded for two chairs on each table has three leaves and expands though. Is it possible to have leaves made for yours?

  6. Oh wow - I thought my wedding venue hosed us with the $8/chair charge. $50 is highway robbery.

    The fabric on my chair is in their silver sage family. A blue that has a little green in it.

    I think their lichen is very green. I would strongly suggest seeing the fabrics in person though. Their online view isn't 100% accurate.

    Des - I can have the table refinished and leaves made for about $1500. But even with the leaves, it won't be big enough to seat 10+ because of the curved legs. There lies my problem.

  7. Remember about your table, the chairs will never be pushed in all the way when people are seated. I also have curved legs but not as pronounced as yours and when we sit down to eat it is just fine.

  8. OMG I am thrilled that you got these! A steal. They look great - and you presumably won't have any issue getting them to fit right in anywhere down the road.

    I was actually looking for something similar as an investment for party chairs. We have some pretty large parties here - did you happen to come across anything that folded up like this in your travels?

  9. Marybeth - They may not be pushed all the way in when someone is sitting there but whoever is sitting needs some space to put their feet down. I suppose they could put their feet on top of the table base but thats sort of uncomfortable.

    Laura - Check my post a couple of weeks back on the chairs. I did find ones that fold but they are a lot more expensive. (

  10. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I think the table will be fine. My mother's dining room table has a base like that and people's feet fit under- or if you have kids attending stick them in that spot. That table is too nice to get rid of.

  11. I love the chairs... how are they holding up over time?

  12. Hi! Love your blog! Do you find your chairs to be somewhat comfortable? Surely, most of the time we aren't seated for hours and hours. I'm itching to replace my dining chairs and ur setting is fabulous!


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