A welcome gift for my chairs...

The couch & chairs are scheduled to arrive in less than 36 hours. Keep fingers crossed for a smooth delivery.

Look what I found on sale at Target. These little rectangular fellows should work nicely as a pop of contrast on the chairs that will face the couch. I couldn't resist getting them a little welcome home gift.
They are the perfect color combo with stripes of gold, gray, beige and cream with black piping. They called out to me.

Now I need some pillows that work on the couch. Any ideas? Im working in the same shades - creams, black, grays and golds.


  1. If you ever need a throw, I have seen this one: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/ref=sc_pgc_r_2_1_12956391/601-3288389-1284126?ie=UTF8&frombrowse=1&asin=B000RAHB46 in a Target store, and it is magnificent...better than the picture...and it features gold, grey, beige, cream, and black. Although maybe you'd like to introduce a new color with something like that.

  2. Thanks Kyle. Im staying away from browns. (Even though gold and beige are kinds of brown so I see why you suggested it- Im staying away from the darker shades)

  3. Love those pillows. Never met a stripe I didn't like =)

    Unless you wanted to go for a patterned pillow, I think solid cream pillows, paired w/ gold pillows would accent the couch nicely. Maybe in a dupioni silk type fabric for some texture? Nice pops of color.

    Crossing my fingers for your furniture to arrive safely =)

  4. Perfect!!

    On a side note, I swear I have the perfect accent pillows for you...they are Thomas Paul, but not his uber-trendy signiture style, they are a gold/beige silk and absolutely gorgeous. I may just have to send them your way because I'm not going to use them in the new house.

  5. Sorry, I don't know who Thomas Paul is. As you can tell from my Target exursions..designers aren't my forte. But you know I love your style. What did they cost? If they work, Ill buy them from you.

  6. crossing my fingers for your furniture!

  7. LOVE pillows! West Elm, Ballard Design, pillowdecor.com and believe it or not ROSS dress for less... at least in Souther California they have some good selections... ok, that's my advice... have to go look at your site... have a great day! :)

  8. If you like them, they're yours. Consider them a housewarming gift!

    : )

    I'll have to dig up a picture of go take one. I think you'll like them. They were in my old LR in brooklyn.

  9. Love clean lines and pillows that pop. I would introduce a color, orange, yellow or red... something with a fresh vibe. Pillows are like accessories.
    Love piped pillows.

  10. I realize everyone wants me to add some bright colors but thats not really what I have in mind for this room. I might add some pale blues since Ive added that as accents all over the house but thats pretty much it. I want something very neutral as I find that most relaxing and comfortable to spend a lot of time in. I get bored of accent colors fast :)

  11. I agree with freckles chick that the couch accent pillows should be solid colors. Target's website has some silk accent pillows in gold, butterscotch, light cream, etc.


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