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Not much to share on the home decor front this weekend but I was very busy doing all sorts of crafts.

The first is something every blogger has seen a thousand times already - marble magnets. I know, not very original. I saw these a while back at the fabulous blog for crafters of all sorts, Not Martha.

I thought these would make fun party favors and since I seem to be helping with at least one big celebration a year these days, I kept in my tickler file. But in honor of my new magnetic chalkboard, I had to try my hand at them and make my own set.

I won't bother with the play by play as Not Martha has done a fabulous job of that already.
Marble Magnets In Progress
The only thing I will add is that since I wanted to make my marbles with my own photos rather than magazine cut outs, it didn't go quite as planned. I printed a bunch of tiny photos from flickr and cut them out. All went smoothly until I put the drop of silicone glue to affix the marble to the photo. It wasn't until I had done about half that I realized the glue was smearing the ink, making the photos unrecognizable. Fun for abstract art I suppose but not what I was going for.
Marble Magnets Rejects
A moment of silence for my failed doohickies.

So out came the Mod Podge. I painted on a bit to the photo before adding the silicone glue - that seemed to do the trick and only took a few seconds. Lesson learned.
Marble Magnets Finished
The ones in the tin are the survivors. I did a set with various Brooklyn monuments in color but most of those got ruined. And then I did a set of black and whites from some of our trips. Those seemed to do well and the graphic quality of the black and white worked better with the small scale than the color. Click the photo above if you want to see a description of each photo.

I think I will be making a lot more of these for a future project but we'll see how well these hold up. (no pun intended)

The other set of projects I did this weekend was related to a party I'm helping a friend throw in honor of her son's Christening. The party is next week but its supplies have taken over my dining room for now. Namely, the photo centerpieces
Photo Centerpieces
Another outright idea theft from Martha Stewart - I guess unoriginality is becoming my trademark :) So simple but beautiful, I think this makes for a lovely centerpiece when funds are limited.
Photo Centerpieces
Isn't the guest of honor a cutie?

In case you are curious, here is how they are made:
- Purchase unfinished frames at Ikea (3 pack for $2)
- Remove plexiglass and backing & spraypaint frame
- Print photos on vellum, cut to slightly larger than the frame opening
- Stapled vellum to frames using electric staple gun (you could also use glue or tape)
- Lay out three frames next to each other and attach the joints with black duct tape. No need to tape the third join as they can be laid flat for storage or transport this way.
- When ready to display, set up in a triangle shape and place a lit votive candle in the center so the photos glow.

I love this idea and these are such a simple way of adding something personal but still beautiful to even a small dinner party.

And lastly the favors for the same party.
Christening Party Favors
Little tin inspirational signs that were glittered using the colors for the party and then packaged using poly bags and scrapbook papers in the same shades. In each bag is a card that reads "A baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope a dream of possibilities. - Eda LeShan" Just a little something for guests to take home to remember the day. I think I will hang mine in my office.


  1. ohh! i love the centerpiece!
    what a great idea!

  2. My comment has nothing to do with this post, although I admire the magnets.

    PLEASE change your living room rug to the ivory shag. It NEEDS to be there.

  3. Well, isn't this fabulous all of this crafty goodness! I've never seen a marble magnet "how to" and I love it (what a great idea for vacation pics) and the Ikea-frame- lantern-centerpiece idea will be ripped off, er, borrowed for sure.

  4. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I can't wait to see pictures from the party. You are fabulous Mrs. Limestone I have seen your other work on flickr.


  5. Dang, "Martha", you've been busy! =) I love these. I just might steal that center piece idea for a birthday party I'm helping with. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Love everything! Check out that baby! He's adorable.

  7. Wow, I never saw the photo center piece idea but I love it! I can't wait to do this. Thanks. MB

  8. Wow well done! i too have become a copycat..the best ideas are borrowed.

  9. I really like those marble magnets. Where did you get them? Michaels?
    It's always a pleasure to return to you blog because I always learn something new.

  10. Paul - Appreciate your input but Im actually really loving this rug. Wish it were a bit larger but I like the texture it adds to the room. The shag was a bit too contemporary for what Im going for.

    Naz - I got the materials from but you can buy the same things at Michaels. I just don't happen to have one nearby so the internet is more convienent.

  11. I'm loving those glittery words...where on earth did you find those little cuties? We've got a first birthday coming up in 1month...what a cute idea for favors for all of the little princesses! I think some of the best ideas are borrowed...and I'm going to have to borrow some of yours! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Hi Meredith - I bought the signs from but they didn't come glittered. They had to be spraypainted and glittered by hand.

  13. oh i love those magnets - i wonder if they come in slightly larger sizes? i must try this!

  14. I just found your blog and I love it! You are so talented. I am definately changing my pantry door with your damask and chalk board idea. (my husband will love me for that I'm sure) I'll visit often and I've added you to my favorites. Thanks for sharing, Paula

  15. Wow, I'm impressed. The last time I helped do crafty things (at a wedding) I glued my fingers together. And cried a little.

  16. Those picture frames are so pretty. I've been planning my son's upcoming birthday party and I'm going to have to make a few of these! Thanks so much for posting the idea!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Jessica5:30 PM


    Great job and I would love to make the same type of frames for centerpieces. How did you get the photo graphics to come out sepia tone? Also, did you just buy sheets of vellum or is there a special type for printing?


  19. Those are really nice party favors. You have amazing hands for art crafts. You can get rich by making these items and selling them.

  20. Asivojervis11:31 AM

    I can't find them on the website at all. What should I search it as?

  21. They don't sell them anymore. This was a few years ago.

  22. NJ mom8:18 PM

    We did these photo centerpieces for my daughter's Christening.  They turned out beautiful and were a big hit.  Everyone wanted to take one of them home.  The directions were easy to follow and very detailed.  Thanks!


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