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For those people that occassionally check in on me, I'm really sorry for being a bit absentee lately. As I mentioned in my last post, Ive been helping a friend with a party and that has been taking up much of my free time. Last night I spent the evening making tiny flags for the cupcakes. Note to self: Don't do that again!
I'll be back after the party to show you the results of all this time but until then I'm completely halted on the home decor front.

So instead of my usual peak into my home, Im going to post some items from my "good idea" files that I have blatantly "borrowed".

First up are these "" message boards made by Little Pretty Studio. Aren't they adorable? And they would make a really beautiful impact in an office or a nursery, don't you think?
But me being me, I can't just buy them so I'm hoping to make a trio for my office (if I ever get around to decorating it) or guest room. Sweet Jessie posted some DIY instructions for those that might want to follow suit.

Another one on the top of my good idea file is this great gift wrap organizer courtesy of Ms. Martha herself. I love how it makes the best of vertical space. I could put this on the backside of a closet and it would take up virtually no space. I happen to be a bit of a freak about nicely wrapped gifts so having everything in one place and on display would make life a lot easier.
Martha Stewart Gift Wrap Organizer Instructions
Im sort of hoping my handy brother makes this for me as a gift one day. Hint, hint.

And lastly, this idea landed in my lap via House Beautiful.
Using actual vintage LV luggage might be taking this concept too far but I like the underlying idea. After seeing this, I went in search of other configurations and its no surprise that other people have done great interpretations themselves. Check them out here and here.

Hope you've enjoyed a peak into some of my (hopefully) future projects. What are you working on? Anything to add to my good ideas file?

Have a great weekend!


  1. That's so funny...I've gathered pics of fabric swatches for potentially making the Ikea Ung frame into a pinboard thingie, so a very similar project. I was thinking of posting it, so now maybe I'll have to do. You've inspired me! :-)

  2. I love the embroidery hoop idea and think it might be exactly what I've been looking for to organize/hang all of my necklaces.

  3. Hey...Those are some great ideas Mrs. L!! like that hoop thingy!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I appreciate it.
    I am in love with those circle boards , what a clever idea, I love to see things used in unusual ways.
    Keep them coming.

  5. Party planning may now be added to your repertoire of talents. I love your patience as well as your gathering of "projects to be done!" I would love to see those cupcakes, please post them!

  6. The embroidery hoop idea is great! even for the workplace - a great tiny little bulletin board!

  7. Just love the LV suitcases as a side table. How fabulous!!


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