Dreaming of falling leaves...

With half of August behind us, summer is nearly over. Where does the time go?

But Im not sorry to see summer make its goodbye for now because it means Fall is nearly here. Its most definitely my favorite season. Oh, let me count the ways: Brooklyn is beautiful when the leaves change color and the air is crisp, I can wear fun fall outfits without fear of sweating to death on a humid subway platform, both my wedding anniversary and birthday are in October and one of my favorite holidays, Halloween, graces the season as well.

Which brings me to the topic of this post: Halloween.

To give you some background: a few years ago, we hosted a series of Halloween parties. I loved decorating, getting our costumes ready, the whole bit. Costumes were mandatory and more than a few people came with fabulously creative concepts. It was a fun time all around.
But as time went on and most of friends now have small children, the idea of a a drunken night in costume has lost its appeal. So I don't think this house will have any racous Halloween parties in its near future. But I never lost my love for the day.

Unfortuntely our last home didnt have many trick or treaters. I'd dutifully buy a bag of candy but it would go mostly undistributed (er, mostly eaten by me).

Fast forward to last October, while we were in mid renovation hell. We figured we'd stop by on Halloween afternoon to check out how many trick or treaters the neighbors got. We stopped at the market and bought a bag of candy just in case our doorbell got rung.

Much to our shock, the block was MOBBED by tots of all sizes in adorable get ups and an open bag. Mr. Limestone ran to get more candy several times but no matter how many bags he returned with, they were empty within minutes. After about an hour, we had to sulk away in shame as we were out of goodies!

But this year, I plan on being prepared!! For one thing, I want to decorate the front of the house. We still have some leftover decorations from parties past so it won't go to waste. We also have a fog machine that I'll drag out for the afternoon as well. Martha Stewart's love for the holiday will certainly come in handy this year - she always has the most fabulous ideas.
We'll get loads of candy at the ready and of course, I want us to have fabulous costumes!

Halloween falls on a Friday so Im hoping I can have a few of our friend with their little ones over to enjoy the chaos with their own kids. A little stoop party at my place.

So while I know its plenty early (hey, what can I say? Im a planner!) I'd love to hear all of you creative bloggers' suggestions on how to make my house look spooky and what kind of costume we should be sporting. Ideas?


  1. Although I am not a big fan of fall Halloween is a bonus for sure , I love it , it is a magical night , there is nothing more fun than observing the sidewalks full of kids and their parents all enjoying such a magical event, it is one of those magical things that we haven't done away with .
    Can't wait to see what you do for the big event.

  2. I just saw these skull cards on Z Gallerie on clearance and it made me think of Halloween. I'm not sure what they could be used for, but definitely something crafty... maybe for invitations? or a poker party on Halloween?


  3. Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for. If it involved family the way Christmas does it would probably be my absolute favorite holiday.

    Maybe you've already seen this, but Martha Stewart has a Halloween Idea of the Day thing going already:


  4. That didn't seem to work, how about this? http://tinyurl.com/5c284n

  5. Chris - How can you not be a fan of Halloween? Its Halloweens lose if you're not coming up with creative ways to decorate!

    Jersey girl - what an odd thing for Zgallerie to sell!

    Jenn - I had no idea Martha had started her Halloween tips already. Thanks so much, I'll definitely add that to my favorites.

  6. I lovveeeeeee Halloween. And Mr Shorehouse and I had our first date on Halloween (the parade in the Village) so now I really love it. Since we have the house this year, I'm seriously thinking of heading down there in the hopes of trick or treaters. Home Goods had some fabulous papier mache vintage looking Halloween decor...trying to practice self control...

  7. I'm in the middle of Halloween mania myself! I've posted three roundups of Halloween DIY projects on my blog this week if you're interested. I've been dying cheesecloth for the last three days in prep for a cool party-decoration tutorial as well. I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday!

  8. i'm hoping i'll be in my first apartment by then and i'm planning on a little housewarming/halloween costume party so i'll be interested in the decor ideas you come up with and get! *yes...i am a planner too - glad to see i'm not the only one who has been thinking about this time of year already...*

  9. No I love Halloween , I said its magic , good magic, think its great , but don't like "FALL" as a season well truthfull how people decorate for fall don't like the fall colors. I hate orange , yellows , that whole colour palette bothers me , everyone around here uses it.
    Thats just me.
    But I love HALLOWEEN , no doubt about it.

  10. Oh, I see what you mean. I don't hate fall colors but I do hate those weird fall themed decorations people put up (fake leave wreathes, etc..) Im more of a black and white and orange decorator :)

  11. I'm wavering back and forth between Morticia Adams and Medusa. We shall see how much energy I have (a head full of snakes would be an involved project).

    I'm glad I'm not the only one excited about this so early! It's such a let down for us though, b/c we have hot weather well through September.

  12. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I use to get 85 trick or treaters but after they added on to my development the kids don't want to be bothered walking around the 1/2 acre cul de sacs where I live. They want a straight path to the goodies now and I'm so disappointed.
    We had former neighbors who had a huge set up of a giant pumpkin "room" and inside was a coffin with the a "dead" body who would suddenly awake to hand out "brains". The brains consisted of a plastic bag and inside was spinach elbow macaroni with a squirt of red food coloring added which they kept on a warming tray so you would give the full affect of it being someone's brains. This family would make the news broadcast because they were so fantastic. They had the fog machine, scary music and every year would be a new adventure. When they ran out of candy they passed out canned goods, it is "trick" or treat after all. It was always a fun experience.

  13. I was so excited about Halloween when we bought a house but it turned out to be a bust. Our first year we had 4 or 5 trick-or-treaters and last year we had 2 groups. We want to decorate but it just doesn't seem worth it. So I'm going to have to live vicariously through your efforts.

  14. Halloween....just a couple of short months away!

    Sounds like your house will be decorated to the nines! Enjoy all of your little tricsters and treaters!!

  15. thoughts of halloween are in the air - and making the halloween costume - silhouettes in the window are a fun decoration and can easily be stored for years to come. I always remember the house in our neighborhood where we were convinced a witch lived.
    It is one of my favorite holidays!

  16. i love october / halloween too - for all the reasons u listed :)

  17. Hey, I'm with you on those fake leaves.

    Wanted to mention that I'm very happy we managed to get the Lutezia sink after all. I haven't seen it yet, but my husband says it's wonderful. I never thought I'd hear my husband talk about a sink that much.

  18. That window screen is scary as hell! LOL!

  19. I just found your blog, what a treat!

    One year i bought a mask, the package was the shape of the mask, and plastic, but with no holes. So i filled it with water, froze it, and put it in the punch, everyone thought it was so cool to have a face floating in the punch!

    I LOVE FALL, the only thing i don`t like about it, is winter follows.

  20. I love love love Halloween. I honestly can't *wait* to have a Halloween party at my home.


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