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I'd like a new comforter in my bedroom and I want to steer clear of duvet covers. (Don't ask but Ive spent far too many minutes of my life wrestling with them to ever buy another!).

I've had my eye on this one from Target (Thats Tarjay to you houseware snobs!) but Im on the fence about it. Is it a fun use of a modern pattern or does it belong in a tweens bedroom only? What say you?


The big upside to this comforter is its only $99 so cheap enough to replace when I tire of it. The downside is that it doesn't have an attractive bedskirt to match so I'll have to hunt one of those down. It does have some cute throw pillows like this one:

Please note to the bedding savy: I spend all my bedding budget on expensive, high thread count sheets and get cheaper comforters. It works for me.


  1. may i be absolutely honest? i feel obligated to because i really love your blog and reading your posts as you renovate your home - you obviously have impeccable taste as i love all the choices you've made thus far. but...while i do like this bedding i think it's a bit...young & trendy for your master bedroom. i think the colour palette is lovely but something more refined i think would fit better in your space.

    can i still stop by your blog and read? :o)

  2. I too am obsessed with your blog and read it regularly...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your impeccable decorating taste, but I'm going to have to agree with Kay. Your home is such a classic beauty that I think this bedding would look all wrong in your master bedroom, especially with your amazing headboard. I do like the color scheme of the beddding so maybe you can find bedding with a similar color scheme????

  3. Don't be silly - I wouldn't ask for opinions if I didn't want to hear them!!

    Any other suggestions? Something reasonably priced and NOT a duvet?

  4. I like the bedding. I just think they have the pillows make it look too trendy. If you paired it with something a little more subtle or with some solid pillows, it would tone down the "young" look. My advice (if you're still teetering) is and They both have great bedding. Here is a link to the bedding I have in my guestroom that I purchased at
    It may not be your taste, but it lets you know the decor they have. Good luck! Your taste is spectacular, by the way. You do what YOU want--who cares about us! :)

  5. I agree with Chris. It looks a bit trendy and young, but heck, I like a lot of that stuff, too.

    I think a couple of solid pillows would help it look more mature.

    But, something about that bird pillow freaks me out, I've seen it in person and there is something about it that I just don't like.

  6. :o)
    oh and i do like trendy and young styles but i don't think it would fit with the way you have styled your master bedroom...i'll keep my eyes peeled for sure. (but if you like it i'm sure you can somehow make it work)

  7. I totally agree about spending $$ on the sheets vs the coverlet but I'm not really feeling this pattern.

  8. Oh...I think you can make it work. It could be a bit of change (like your stainless desk in the office)that you can tone down (I wouldn't use the pillows with it). I think one of those great Bella notte linen full skirts(in a linen color) would look great with it and your gorgeous bed. Can't talk you into one of their linen duvet's...I love the aqua colored linen one myself!

  9. Like you say it is so inexpensive that you can just replace it but I just don't like it. Maybe it is just the picture. By the way totally agree with you about duvets but why don't they make comforters wide enough for the new mattresses? This drives me crazy and the only option is custom $$$.
    Good luck, keep searching.

  10. I say go for it! It's a really cool pattern and you guys can give it a grown up look.

  11. Here are two from Overstock that would go color-wise in that price range, but not sure if you'll like the patterns. The first one kind of reminds me of a Pottery Barn bedspread from a season or two ago. The second has a bit of shimmer, which could look very elegant.

  12. There's a slightly similar, but more sophisticated bedspread on the Bedding Envy blog right now (

    I think what I might be objecting to in the spread pictured is how wimpy it looks. Perhaps you could get it and have more "stuff" added so it's more substantial?

  13. I don't think it's too young at all. I agree with the other gals that perhaps the coordinating accessories ( the bird pillow) are a little less "mature". But I love this color and pattern and I say GO FOR IT!! P.s. I've seen a beautiful Hermes throw similar to this comforter, and I would never call Hermes anything but elegant and classy. For a coordinating bedskirt - try the clearance center of a department store - we found one in a similar blue (King) sized for $9.99. Of course, there were no coordinating sheets or cases, but that's why it was so cheap!

  14. Love your home and your blog!
    I like the Target set but I tend to agree with everyone else, it does look a bit too trendy for your elegant home.

    Macy's has a big bedding sale now and there are some great buys. I am not sure if your bedroom walls are more green or they look kinda robins egg
    How about one of these:

    I am not sure if any are "right" but hope I helped.

  15. Thanks for the links heart - but those are 2-4x the price of this one once you factor in all the other goodies necessary. Thats out of the price range for now..Im trying to economize :) (Aren't we all?)

  16. im a huge fan of your blog...i agree with most of the others that this says trendy.

    what about a mattelese coverlet? all tucked in around the sides. a darker flowy bedskirt and matching darker throw pillows? then a textured blanket folded over the foot of bed all the way acroos?
    no sources sorry to say but i feel your woes with duvets.

  17. I second the matelasse idea. And maybe some of your accent pillows should be silkish to tie in with the curtains.

  18. Chris - Thanks for the Walmart suggestion. I really like the pattern on that comforter but Im not sure if I want to do black and white in here. Its a little too much like the comforter in the guest room.

    Thanks Raye and K but I have a strong distaste for matelasse bedding...its perfectly nice, I just don't like the feel of it. I need a fluffy comforter to get a goods nights sleep :)

    If anyone cares, Im still not totally off the idea of the Target bedding but I think there are enough "no" votes to keep me looking for something better. Thanks for the input...Ill have to do a hard target search now.

  19. I actually like this comforter (sans the bird pillow) paired w/ some quality solid white sheets and fluffy pillows. Eh, but what do I know about design?

    It's a bit more modern than the rest of your house, but who says it's wrong to mix design styles? As long as you like it, you can make it work.

  20. Nah...I know you can find better. If it's out there, you'll find it!

  21. I must admit, I looked at this bedding at Target and kept on walking. I think a simple mattelasse coverlet with a quilt at the feet is very chic. I think that you would tire of this rather quickly and it has sort of a "bachelor" look if you know what I mean.

  22. imho, i think the target set is a little trendy & that you might easily tire of it after a while. this site (if you can find one that you like) has a variety of comforters in the price range you are looking at.

    hard to find a good comforter these days, i tell ya! ;)

    btw, i've enjoyed your blog & love what you'e done with your place. i recently started a blog of my own & hope you don't mind that i've added you to my blogroll.

  23. Duvets can be a pain , but there is nothing like them to me, much easier to wash a dry a duvet cover than a comforter , for that reason alone I am an anti comfoter person , recently I bought a new cover for my daughter and it had no ties , so I got out a little bolt of ribbon and sewed in into the four corners , just like the pottery barn ones , they are so smart makes like with a duvet so much better, as well I find the cheaper to change out when they become bored .
    However I will say the one you chose is very nice .


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