I swear Im listening...

While it may seem progress at casa limestone is slow, I am listening to your suggestions. Case in point, adding an organic element to my living room. A potted plant is so not me but your suggestions got me thinking of alternatives. And what should I find covered in dust in the basement? A manzanita branch I used as the placecard holder for a party I threw last year!
Organic Element _ Mazanita Branch Living Room
Not a great photo but the branch is actually covered in an antique gold spray paint. I just need to find something other than those boring glass pebbles to hold it in place and Ill feel better.

Its still sparse but once I get a few other decorative elements in here, I think it will work out nicely.

And speaking of listening to you - Im going to order the ottomans after a pretty overwelming vote of approval. Of course Im an idiot and didn't realize the free shipping was over last week. Grrr...I hate when that happens!


  1. I think if you fill the jar or vase with a string of lights, that would really add a spark. you could do white lights - which would look pretty from the street.
    - and a little bird would be pretty on a branch...

  2. Cute idea Patricia but as you can see, the table isn't against a wall...so I can't plug anything in on this table without creating a tripping hazard :)

  3. Coffee beans or river rock (which you could paint or find painted in a lacquered color) or get some florist foam (not oasis, the kind you use with silk flowers), cut it to fit inside the vase and then wrap it with patterned paper and slide it into the vase, then you can change out the paper if you get bored.

  4. That looks so good. Organic yet sleek. Using glossy black river rocks like tara said would be beautiful. Or even river rocks in a bronze-y finish for some extra shine.
    Can't wait to see those ottomans!

  5. Lovely branch. Yes, I don't take you for a houseplant girl. I am not one either but my boyfriend has inflicted a few on me and I have no way of making them look cool. Some of them are just ugly.

    I have no suggestions in lieu of the glass rocks except for maybe "real" rocks. Do you have access to real rocks? May need to make a trip to the country ;)

    P.S. Your place is looking DIVINE! Decorating is my #1 hobby but life is just too busy lately to do much decorating (which is good only since the spending has stopped).

    xo Terri

  6. The branch looks a little tall for such an undefined location...back against a wall or corner might be less awkward looking.

    Also, I think an opaque vase would be better suited for both the branch and the room.

  7. Oh yay...I love the organic touch! I think it's lovely...and as you say when you get other decorative elements in there it's going to be even better(I kind of like how it "lands" in your middle window...maybe that's my design OCD showing through). Plus...think of the fun things you can do with it on halloween, LOL. ;-)

  8. First of all I love your style. On the branch thing, I agree with Paul. I think something low would look more balanced on the table. Actually, nothing on the table would be better than something you're not that crazy about.

  9. I think that it looks great. As freckles chick said very organic.


  10. Tara - River rocks are a great idea, are easy to come by and add a little punch of black. I'll definitely do that.

    Paul & Phoebe - I really do appreciate your posting but Im digging it. It won't be there forever but for now it adds a little bit of an unexpected accent. Not to mention its entirely free so its got that going for it :)

  11. I love it just the way it is. The room is beautiful the way it is!

  12. Hi - just found your blog and reading through some old posts. Love your style!

    Is that Room and Board's Loring sofa I see in the living room? Do you love it? I'm just about finished with some fairly major renos and I'm thinking this should be my new sofa. But I am cheap and fickle and have a hard time committing to something that's more than 5 bucks ;-) so I'm still talking myself into it.

    Anyway, love your home and style and Halloween decor! I'll be back for more.


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