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I think I've decided that my living room isn't going to get any color. I like its monocromatic calmness for everyday. And it will be a great canvas for entertaining where I can add various decorations to go with whatever we're celebrating. So the colors will stay as they are - gold, silver, beige, cream and blacks.

I stumbled upon these little patterned ottomans from Target. Only $50 and so fun! Im thinking a pair of these would make a nice infusion of pattern into the room (they are cream and black, not white and black as the photo may make it appear) and they serve as extra seats when we have extra people over for holidays.
I could put the pair against the wall under the television without blocking the flow of traffic in the room.

The pattern is quite similar to what I have in music room bookshelves
Bookshelf Wallpaper
and the tufted chairs in the dining room
Restoration Hardware Chair

What do you think?


  1. Love the Target ottomans! I vote HECK YES!

    And it's a great idea to keep the room neutral and change for the season or event or holidays!

    keep it up girl,

  2. LOVE the ottomans!! Great price too! My living room is on the neutral side too and I really like it - it's very calming and you can add splashes of color whenever you like!

  3. How cute are those? You HAVE to get them! They would even be cute at the end of a bed or under a console table in a hallway....oh the possibilities!

  4. funny how sometimes things just fall into place ... without us even really thinking consciously about it...

  5. Love those. I have been lusting after those so much I put them in an idea board post not too long ago!!
    Just a warning, if I looked at the correct ones at Target, they're more beigey in real life. Not ivory but a tan-beige. They're still beautiful and cushy though.

  6. BTW, you got an award. No pressure to participate. =)

  7. I've seen them in person and they're actually cute!

  8. Perfectly BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    Love the ottomans and the price is unbelievable.
    Go for it.

  9. *Love* them. We bought two ottomans (woven though, not upholstered) and use as coffee tables, seats…they’re great! I saw the ones that you’ve shown at Target and they are super nice (and a DEAL) but as freckles said the light color is quite darker than the pic – almost a camel (darker beige) color. That said they will totally match your living room.

  10. I also recently bought these at Target and they are more beige than cream but still lovely nonetheless...I say go for it!! I've had several guests over at the house and they all comment on them and when I tell them they're from Target they looked shocked. Secretly to myself I think, "One point for Mrs. Mojito" haha. They'll look fab in your living room (honestly I don't think anything could look bad in your living room). Pleae post photos!!

  11. Very nice...hope you have them in your hot little hands!!

  12. Love it , they would look great.

  13. I think they'll be perfect.

  14. oh those are great - in the picture they seem to be on the smaller side - will the scale be okay? other than that i think they are great. i love the way it continued the print throughout your home - bravo!

  15. Buy them, and if they don't look as good as we all think they will look, you can always return them.

  16. wow...i love those ottomans....and i'm trying to think about where i could put a couple of those in my house!!! what a great find! -jess

  17. Those ottomans (ottomen?) are wonderful! What a nice addition to your house. I'd never guess they came from Target.

    Love the bookshelves in your music room, by the way.

  18. Oh, I love them!

    Happy week,

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  19. Patterns are great and i like the one you chose....Great job so far!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

  20. I love the ottomans. Can't go wrong with that classic chic pattern!


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