Making of a home office (part 4)

Now that I look back on prior blog posts about my office, its actually embarrassing to admit Ive been mentally working on my office for 9 whole months with little to show for it. 9 months for this tiny room? Where does the time go? Oh well, time well wasted I guess.

I am happy to report that some progress was made on my office this weekend. Its by no means finished: I need help with getting it done so I'd love suggestions. Specifically, I need input on a window treatment, a rug and all the other little things that finish a room off.

As you can see, I managed to get the Ikea Trollsta Sideboard. What an incredible PAIN IN THE ASS! Why is it that I completely forget the hell of Ikea until its too late? Just getting it in the car resulted in multiple bruises. Sure, thats more my clumsiness than Ikeas fault but Im putting this on them nonetheless. Then we had to lug all 161 pounds of it up two flights of stairs. It then took 4+ hours to put together. And after all that, the doors didn't quite close properly. So I decided to nix them. The open shelving is probably more functional anyway but if I had known this was going to be an all day event, I might have opted to keep all my crap in cardboard boxes. Ok, vent over.

I think empty frames might be becoming my trademark :)
Actually, I have a plan of what to put in the upper right gold frame (stay tuned for an update) and I have lots of inspiration bits and pieces to tack up to the corkboard. I just don't know what to do with the bottom gold one. I'd like to make it some sort of functional display of tools but Im not quite sure how. And for those extra attentive blog readers, these gold frames are the same ones I scored for gratis on a New York City sidewalk in May.

I haven't quite decided if I want to push my desk up against the wall as you see here or to position it short side to the wall as seen here. I think just from a cord management perspective, I may need to leave it push up against. What do you think? As you can see, this wall is very bare...not sure what to put up here.

Ok thats pretty much it. Its a tiny room so it really shouldn't be taking me this long but alas, it is. Also note that the view from my window is something really unsightly but I get beautiful southern light from the i'd like to be able to cover the bottom half of the pane while leaving the top one open. (Which is why Im having such a hard time with this treatment). I think I need some fabric in here to soften things up but nothing has jumped out as me.

PS: In case you think Im some sort of freak who throws everything away and is forever neat, have no fear. My closet full of messy supplies is in the guest room and is a complete mess.


  1. Just found and love your blog. You have picked the most amazing colors to accent your home! Good luck with office organization :)

  2. Honestly I LOVE what you've done. I think maybe adding a backing to that other gold frame and displaying some of your tools is a great idea. I wish I had more advice for you but honestly you are far more talented in the decor area than I am!

  3. I've been following your blog for a while and love what you've done so far. For the tool display, why don't you fill the bottom frame with peg board? You can paint it a solid color or even do a large graphic stencil like a damask pattern. Urban Outfitters has several rugs with colors that would look great in here. Check out the Swirl Flower rug, the Round Doile rug or the Peacock Printed rug.

  4. Oh the ghost chair looks divine in this space!! I too am suggesting some sort of peg board for the bottom frame, to hang your tools on.
    This room is worth the wait =)

  5. Check out the 2nd rug on this blog. I think it would look great. Unfortunately, I didn't see a link to where the rug came from, but I'm sure if you emailed Zinnias they could tell you...

    Good luck! Your house is amazing.

  6. Thanks for recommending the paint color! I love it!

  7. I love your blog and love the color of your office! I am not bold enough to use such a color! I've owned my new house for almost a year and cannot wait till that year is over so that I can start painting these boring white walls.

    Could you do some sort of sheer drape so that the light can still shine in but the view is cut out?

  8. I actually like that IKEA sideboard better without the doors.

  9. Oh, it's looking great!

    For the empty frame you want to hang things in, maybe some of those fancy glass knobs (drawer pulls) at Anthro, just screwed into the wall instead of used as drawer pulls.

    I also like the sideboard without the doors. The furniture is mostly linear (as is the parquet), so if you go with a pattern I think I'd go with a non-liner pattern.

    I've been loving watching this room grow. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. What a happy little work space you have! LOVE it!! I heart empty frames on walls...I have one in my dining room and it makes me happy. =D

  11. Yes, IKEA is a bloody nightmare, but el cheap bliss, so what can you do? Every piece of furniture I've ever spent 7 hours building (several) as had at least one drawer or door that doesn't fit or hang right. They trust you won't spend the extra 4h to take it apart again...

    Your office is looking up...some lovely pieces so far and you will pull it all together. I am not so great with offices - I don't understand how to make utility furniture and utilitarian stuff look good and uncluttered and still be functional. I want a "done" room but I also want a living active stuff space. I find them confounding.

    Anyway, how about a graphic black and white rug - maybe a swirl motif. I can never find good rugs. You definitely need something bold to stand up to those electric walls. As for window coverings, I'd do something silky and elegant, but if you just want a half shade you should pick something with a great pattern...

    Keep us posted.

  12. I really love those three frames over the ikea sideboard.

  13. Anonymous1:17 AM

    The sideboard looks fantastic. I think that it's coming along great. I remember when you found the frames, they look great.

    So I have to know where you found the card rack and the scissors. They are on my must half list.


  14. The office is looking fabulous! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  15. Great office! Love the new Holiday inspired header too.
    I hear your pain of Ikea! We have some tall chests that we have used for years and it was the same sort of fiasco. Your story brought the entire memory back to life!
    Love that closet with all the handy dandy supplies!

  16. Everything looks great, I agree with the others on a bold rug in black/cream combo. I also like the desk on the short wall instead of the long one as shown.

    Beautiful room.

  17. Love it all. Especially the ghost chair...gorgeous.
    IKEA is on my never venture list, so I'll have to trust your word on the hell of it all. But, obviously worth the pain. Sideboard is very nice.

  18. LOVE how this is coming together! You so talented. and I adore the card holder you have - I would love to find one someday - it is sooo great. Good idea on the open shelving - it looks better actually!

    I love the idea of a straight cafe curtain over the bottom half of the window in a print (maybe even a sheer print). Maybe something like the deco velvet burnout curtain or deco scroll curtain from urban outfitters or sew from some vintage fabrics like -
    or (love how this one is similar to the legs on your desk & sideboard)

    Also I would move the ung drill frame to over the desk - I think it might help balance the room.

    This is quickly becoming my second fav room in your house (nothing can compete with your kitchen...and I repeat - NOTHING!)

    Let us know whatever you decide - with your impeccable taste I am sure it is gonna be jealousy-inducing :)

  19. The office looks great! Howse about designing your own flor rug?

  20. That is too funny. I have ALL OF THE SAME furniture pieces, the Ung Drill frame, and the same color paint in the living room. Your office looks stunning :)

  21. GREAT office... you won't want to leave this room! Love the colour and IKEA items are great!

  22. Just saw your comment - have you tried eBay? I did a little search:

    I looove your office, too!

  23. For the window treatment, I would suggest having a roman shade made, but have the top part of the shade made with a sheer fabric and the bottom with opaque. Your workroom would have to run a length of cotton tape down the back to support the rings, but that would make and interesting stripe effect through the sheer top. It would look great with a graphic print on the bottom. This would give you privacy at the bottom, but allow light through the top and looks much nicer than those bottom up/top down pleated shades. I would use a deep, rich Persian wool rug with lots of red and black.

  24. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions and feedback.

    While I'd love a custom treatment, thats not in the budget. Nor is a pricey rug. Its cheap or bust for me right now. So I may have to deal with a bare floor and window for now.

    Oh how I wish I could sew!!

    The card rack came from Pottery Barn a few years ago. Its really heavy and great quality so if you can find it on ebay, I highly recomend it.

    The scissors came from Christmas Tree Shops and it will be gussied up and hung in one of the frames as "art" very soon.

  25. I'm loving the office. The ghost chair looks great! I'm jealous. What a great space. I even love the messy closet.

  26. LOVE your office! I'm so jealous you have such a fun space to work in.

  27. I know exactly how you feel... there's so much that I haven't accomplished in our condo :( My motivation is to get some of the projects done during the upcoming holiday break in December.

    I think your office looks great though and you should be proud :) It's more than I've gotten done on our workspace area!

    How about a pretty roman shade for a window treatment?

  28. New to your blog and I am HOOKED! Love renovation on a budget. I like the idea of using glass knobs in the frame, maybe even vintage pulls; glass, metal & wood. I used a fabulous old gesso frame for jewelry and attached some small gauged wire I found at a lumber store. The ornate frame and the industrial wire are an interesting combo. I used very small "s" hooks to attach jewelry. Old drapery clips would be fun also.
    For windows on a budget, you know there is no one better than The Nester, she is a genius for budget-inspired mistreatments of windows. Just discovered Eddie Ross. What an eye! Love him too!
    Thanks for blogging and for sharing all your delightful ideas and finds!

  29. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I love it! I'm doing the same color with a zebra rug too!


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